Line four Travel Charm City

Line four: enjoy the charm of city line four: enjoy the charm of the city seven arch of (more than 100 years of History) – Coal village (the last century vernacular style in 70s) – Yingli Miao City Street (the young fashion) – Longhu times Street (million city core super complex) line five: "Three Foot Road" plum the light rail station dam (through the floor and over the red light rail network) – Liziba war ruins park (Chongqing’s first Japanese Cultural Heritage Park) – Stillwell Museum ("iron general" command) – the Flying Tigers Museum (go into heroes) – Sun Ke Chongqing residence (city security unit) – goose Ling Wen Chong Park (two printing factory movie "framing passing from your world to") – eling Park (Kan Mingyuan, listen to six lines: the hope of reunion among friends) Mysterious Buddha figure rain Hua Village interchange – guanyuemiao – Fotuguan Park (rock cliff, 50s, Arsenal ruins, Yang an Gong statue, Qing Tianzhu) – eling Park (Kan floor, Hiroshima garden, flying Pavilion, the Soviet martyrs tomb) line seven: Taking "sky city" over the river (the Yangtze River cableway the micro – Ling Bo) Chongqing Anti Japanese financial institutions (Chinese buildings, Sichuan Meifeng, Kang, traffic, the five central bank site) – the National Government Ministry of Economic Affairs (old city units) – Luohansi (red fine) – Zhang Peijue Martyrs Monument – Hongyadong (Chongqing city landscape charm on line eight): throughout the country night Kaixuan elevator (vertical tunnel) – white elephant Street (Jiang Quantai No.) – Southwest Industrial Building (China construction site) – CPC Chongqing The local working committee site – ("Huguang fill in Sichuan" immigration culture mark) – Xie courtyard (Ming relics residence) – Hu Ziang house (typical in architectural style) – east gate and walls (municipal key cultural relic protection units) – Chaotianmen Liangjiang Tour (underwater light and shadow in magnificent mountain) into nine lines: "Hongyan village Chongqing world" (feel Hongyan spirit) – the "Xinhua Daily" total Hall – Chongqing Tiandi commercial body (Modern petty ground) – Dragon Lake (the largest wetland park in Yuzhong) – Chongqing Ocean Museum – time memory · on the tongue China delicacy Culture Museum相关的主题文章: