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Low wages is not an excuse to rely on wages in the end to fly it? This article reprinted from the WeChat public number: 360 financial small cousin going to get married next year, but the tragedy is that three or four years of work, his account even 100 thousand are not, at this time, my cousin began to worry their responsibilities. Where did all the money go? Now many young people are inclined to advance consumption, monthly wages down, to the end of the month will be squandered, what is more early overdraft salary for several years, with a loan. Thaw 360 small cousin working in the second city, a monthly salary of over a million, according to the common sense that, for three or four years, how can save hundreds of thousands. But every month to eat, watch movies, coupled with occasional entertainment, almost moon. This is probably the age of young people. Many people think that when they are young, hard wages have a large number of savings is Arabian Nights, it is better to cool to live in the moment. On the Internet, people save money and people spend money VS I save money and I spend money, there are wood has been poked? Do not rely on the money to pay money to save money really fly it? Melt 360 small make up roughly calculate: if you can keep a fixed deposit of $2500 a month, a year down there are 30000 yuan principal, do not look down on the money. If the annual deposit to so much, and to 5% investment financing, the power of compounding is amazing. Tenth years, total deposits of nearly 500 thousand; eighteenth years, the deposit can easily reach about 1000000; in the compounding effect, after 27 years, the deposit can be more than 2 million. Before the fire of a Korean drama "from the stars you," said an alien living on the earth for 400 years, very rich. We can assume that all professors had 1 dollars, an annual interest rate of 5%, how much is the annual compounded after 400 years? 1* (1+5%) ^400=299033351= less than 300 million (Note: ^400 is the second party) if the good luck is the interest of the 10% it? () Naturally, we simply discuss here interest, no history of revolution, inflation, regime change etc.. Therefore, the wage savings for the vast majority of people, is the most simple, brutal, effective financial management. Perhaps you will say: inflation is so high, so the accumulation of law but also run the devaluation. But the long life, like a river, there will be more support the demonstration, trickle import, is just one of the most obvious one. Thaw 360 small lot of friends are ambitious their investment, or the stock market in the face, ears are making a lot of money in the stock market news, so many people like a swarm of bees to when the disk access man, a crop of Chinese chives cut another crop, is not he. There is, by some of the company’s financial fraud scam, listen to the so-called high-yield, follow the so-called friends, fried fried fried spot Youbi, crude oil, and finally the principal cheated, come out. Thaw 360 small heard too many examples, originally in the small stock market earning hundreds of thousands to buy ultra high leverage, greedy and dissatisfied, even the loss of light! So what is to save money? Although some people are doing in the unconscious to save money, but do not think that saving money is a good financial management, not to pay attention to, and finally the whole is no money can be reasonable, affecting the whole;相关的主题文章: