Manchuria, China and Russia border tourist area to upgrade the national 5A level scenic spots – Chin pork face

The Sino Russian border tourism district in Manchuria city for the national 5A level scenic spots – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hohhot November 13th news (reporter Li Yunping) reporter recently learned from the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau, the District of Manchuria City, Sino Russian border tourism promotion national 5A scenic spot, the Autonomous Region increased to 3 5A level scenic spots. According to reports, the Sino Russian border tourism district of Manchuria city consists of scenic areas, scenic areas of the country, taowa Chagan Lake Scenic Area and tourist area of Sino Russian trade, tourism, leisure, education, red Russian customs as a whole, has now become the Sino Russian border trade, tourism, catering and accommodation services, duty-free shopping and cultural entertainment etc. the Sino Russian border tourism cooperation zone. Previously, Mausoleum of Genghis Khan tourism scenic spot, is located in the Ordos Xiangshawan territory has become the 5A level scenic spots. Inner Mongolia to national brand resources, increase investment in tourism construction, focusing on the construction of tourism brand, the development of the grassland Silk Road, the Great Wall, the Yellow River customs, the experience of ice and Snow Brand tourist routes, and strive to build a number of national 5A class tourist attractions or national tourist resort. Inner Mongolia has vast grasslands, forests and deserts, rich in tourism resources, mainly grassland, desert, forest, border, ethnic customs, historical and cultural relics and other tourism projects.相关的主题文章: