Measures for the administration of Jingmen after the formal implementation of the straw Jinshao effe ca1477

Measures for the administration of Jingmen after the formal implementation of the straw Jinshao effectiveness previews in October 1st, "Jingmen straw Jinshao and comprehensive utilization management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") formally implemented, marking the straw Jinshao and comprehensive utilization of our city has to. At present, more than 20 people have been punished for illegal burning of straw in the open field, and more than 10 people have been held responsible for the related responsibility. The "measures" a total of six chapters 42, the specific provisions for the division of responsibilities, open burning, comprehensive utilization, incentive mechanism and legal responsibility, in order to prevent air pollution and protect the ecological environment to provide a legal basis. The "measures" of many management difficulties of straw Jinshao work to clear, such as straw fertilizer and feed, base material, raw material and fuel utilization requirements to give policy support to the towns and villages set up straw storage, while encouraging social investment set up straw storage, improve storage service charge system. Given the serious punishment for illegal open-air burning behavior, and the local people responsible accountable accountability. At present, the city has build up the city, county, town, village, group five joint prevention and control and grid supervision responsibility system, the task decomposition of the implementation to the head and field practice, compaction layers formed "Jinshao responsibility, the municipal government leaders arrested leaders of Party committees and governments at all levels, good agricultural harvest, hand control hand, hand in hand straw ignition, the working mechanism of the comprehensive utilization as a general starting point", the basic realization of the "mobilization of the whole society, publicity and supervision full coverage, all-weather, fire prevention and control, all harvesting machinery, straw utilization, funds security and accountability of the full exposure of the target. (reporter Zhang Wen) scan code "big Chu Jingmen", see more wonderful content!

荆门市秸秆禁烧管理办法正式实施后 成效初显  10月1日起,《荆门市秸秆露天禁烧和综合利用管理办法》(以下简称《办法》)正式施行,标志着我市秸秆露天禁烧和综合利用已经有法可依。目前,已处罚违法露天焚烧秸秆人员20余人,追究相关责任人责任10余人。  《办法》共设六章42条,从职责分工、露天禁烧、综合利用、激励机制、法律责任等方面作了具体规定,为防止大气污染、保护生态环境提供了法律依据。《办法》还对秸秆禁烧工作中的诸多管理难点加以明确,如对秸秆肥料化、饲料化、基料化、原料化、燃料化利用给予政策扶持,要求各镇、村设立秸秆收贮点,同时鼓励社会主体投资设立秸秆收贮点,完善收贮运服务体系。对露天违法焚烧行为给予严肃处罚,并对所在地方责任人进行追责问责。  目前,我市已构建起市、县、镇、村、组五级联防联控和网格化监管责任体系,将禁烧任务分解落实到人头和田块,层层压实禁烧责任,形成了“市委市政府一把手抓各级党委政府一把手、管好农机收割手、控住秸秆点火手、小手拉大手、将综合利用作为总抓手”的工作机制,基本实现了“动员全社会、宣传全覆盖、监管全天候、火点全防控、收割全机械、秸秆全利用、经费全保障、问责全曝光”的目标。(记者张文)扫码“大楚荆门”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: