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Media attention: the public authority department official taxi for a special service should be at a distance – Beijing official taxi wait a moment and consider according to CNR news reports, the first batch of Fuzhou bus car rental limited liability company launched 100 vehicles "only for civil servants" and "corporate taxi" in providing customized services for official vehicles of civil servants at the same time, also it can provide services for civil servants in the family car, asked the passengers to produce official documents. Private individual travel can enjoy 20 percent off preferential civil service (September 25th "JINGWAH times"). Since the reform of the bus from the beginning of July 16, 2014, the country to promote a strong momentum, how to solve the problem of official travel after the reform of the bus, the bus reform plan is put forward but did not give a clear answer to the question, the actual problem in the public power sector around the eyes, a test of the relevant departments of the wisdom of reform, but also a test of the bus reform. On the launch of the official taxi, Fuzhou bus taxi Co., Ltd. staff explained: only for civil servants, official vehicles canceled, to provide them with convenient." How to treat, it is necessary to revisit the original intention of the reform of the bus. The bus reform proposals of the report, "the financial burden is heavy, Gongjusiyong seriously exceed the standard, overstaffed with cars repeated, bus use low efficiency waste" is the traditional bus system of four major drawbacks, this is also a main goal of the reform of the bus, not only is the direction of the public sector, is also looking forward to the world. Fuzhou launched exclusive taxi and reform with the same? May wish to comb from three aspects. First of all, the Fuzhou public transport number of surplus forces to provide official car. The taxi number fixed, relatively unchanged in the total number of taxi in Fuzhou bus car rental limited liability company in the case of additional 100 car services for civil servants and their families. It is understood that there are a total of 6445 taxis in Fuzhou, the resident population of 7 million 500 thousand, the number of taxis per million people is 8.59 (August 9, 2016 China Economic Weekly). What is this concept? 1995, the Ministry of housing has been the main export Taiwan urban road traffic planning and design standards, which has a guiding standard for the number of urban Taxis: large cities should not be less than 2 per thousand vehicles. According to this conversion, the city has a population of not less than 20. Fuzhou, the capital city, is currently ranked 31 in the number of people in the taxi ownership in the capital city of the last second. In this context, look at hundreds of official taxi, I am afraid that other people will further increase the difficulty of taxi. Secondly, according to the bus reform program, "socialized" is the basic way to solve the official travel, in addition to the removal of privileges to travel, also intends to allow civil servants into the masses, and people understand the current traffic company, and think about solutions to common travel difficulties. It is understood that the 100 official taxi will according to different requirements, to provide real-time business vehicles, or in the long-distance car, the three point security service. Among them, "to provide security services designated vehicles will be docked in the Fuzhou municipal government office for life, for deployment". If the designated security service has become a norm, from the user perspective, and before the bus) but little difference.相关的主题文章: