Medical Reform Office of the State Council is responsible for the interpretation of the opinions to sichen

Medical Reform Office of the State Council is responsible for the interpretation of the "opinions" so that people can afford medical office of the State Office recently forwarded the "State Council Health Reform Leading Group on further promotion of a number of views to deepen the experience of medical and health system reform". What are the highlights of the implementation of health care reform program? How to promote the practice of medical reform to the next step? Medical Reform Office of the State Council full-time deputy director of the National Health System Reform Commission Director Liang Wannian the day before our opinion made the explanation. To carry out the pilot, reinforce the "three doctors linkage based comments can be carried out to establish a health insurance fund management center pilot, undertake fund payment and management, drug procurement and payment, Medicare payment standard negotiation protocol management and settlement institutions designated. Liang Wannian: the medical insurance fund supervision and management, medical service price negotiations, pharmaceutical supplies joint procurement and settlement, supervision of medical service behavior, medical insurance information system construction and other duties as a whole, by a unified body exercise, is conducive to the overall management of the basic medical insurance fund, is conducive to health insurance for drug procurement centralized payment function reduce the price of drugs by volume and price linked, but also conducive to strengthen control, standardize the service supervision of hospitals and doctors. In particular, is conducive to promoting the formation of health insurance and health care policy coordination, accelerate the construction of a healthy pattern. Seek care, straighten out the prices are key opinion actively and steadily push forward the medical service price reform, to ensure the benign operation of public hospitals, the health insurance fund can bear the burden of the masses, the premise is not increased, in accordance with the total control, structural adjustment, rise and fall, gradually to the guidance requirements, straighten out the different levels of medical institutions and medical services price relations. Liang Wannian: all public hospitals canceled drug addition, considering the local government to determine the compensation policy, accurate calculation of the level of price adjustment, simultaneous adjustment of medical service prices. By standardizing the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, reduce the cost of drugs and consumables to make room for the dynamic adjustment of medical service prices. Uneven distribution of resources, family doctor grading is the key to promote the views of family doctors signed service. The formation of a family doctor as the core, specialist to provide technical support for the signing of the service team, to provide long-term residents of the basic medical, public health and health management services. Liang Wannian: can guide the residents or families with a family doctor team signing at the same time, the voluntary choice of a level two hospitals, three hospitals, the establishment of the "1+1+1" combination of contract service model, contracted residents can choose a combination of medical institutions at the signing, if the combined treatment required by the family doctor referral. Mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff to raise wages to promote the reform of the pay system. The establishment of public welfare oriented performance appraisal mechanism, the salary on the basis of maintaining the existing level of moderate growth. Liang Wannian: place can be combined with the actual, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the public hospital to determine the level of compensation, and gradually increase the proportion of personnel expenses accounted for business expenses.相关的主题文章: