Micro business selling jade not only money delivery buyers will also pull the black sweets parade

Micro business selling jade not only money delivery buyers will also pull the black China source: Xuzhou network marketing of WeChat, a topic today is the fire. This year, 27 year old Zhao, WeChat also sell jade. But Zhao not only money delivery, the buyer received the remittance, will pull the other black. Just one month, Zhao net 30 thousand yuan. Currently, the Copper Mt. District procuratorate has approved the arrest of the crime of fraud. Buyers: after playing the seller failed to sell the WeChat marketing, the core concept is acquaintance economy". The number of people in a group of hundreds of people, in particular, interest groups, an advertising push compared to the circle of friends, but also to achieve a multiplier effect, WeChat group is also more and more favored by the micro traders who are in favor of WeChat. But to join the WeChat group randomness, but also brings security risks. "Friends with friends, what people have dragons and fishes jumbled together." Mr. Wang, who lives in the mountains of copper remember, he saw Zhao Moufa in the WeChat group after the jade advertising, add each other as friends, I did not expect to be cheated. Mr. Wang is a jade lover, some research on jade. Through his friend, joined a group of members of the group of jade enthusiasts, mainly discuss the sale of jade stone. He recalled that in May of this year, he saw the name of hty3356 micro signal sent in the group of jade advertising, Mr. Wang exchanged with each other. After a few conversations, the other party to add Mr. Wang for WeChat friends. Mr. Wang to see the other WeChat, nicknamed the "golden Liancheng Yu hand wholesale agent". The two sides become friends, "Kim Yu Liancheng" sent a few pictures and video to Mr. Wang, is all about the jade material. "Gold Liancheng Yu" is a Changzhou jade shop, is very famous in our circle, I believe each other." Mr. Wang look at the other side of the jade picture is good, would like to buy. He started talking to each other. The other side to him in the video, which has a pile of small jade, he and the other party agreed to 3500 dollars, and the other two large jade, agreed to be $4500, a total of $8000. A ago, Mr. Wang also has a mind, deliberately left a photo ID verification. While the payee name and identity card is also consistent, Mr. Wang believes that even if there is an accident, can also according to the ID card to find people. In May 9th, Mr. Wang through Alipay to the other side of the agricultural bank card two times to 8000 yuan. After collection, the seller told Mr. Wang that he shipped second days. But the next day at noon and in the evening, he sent a message to each other, have not received a reply. On the third day, he gave each other a micro channel, let the other side as soon as possible delivery or refund. "I said, money is not shipping constitutes fraud, I will call the police, he pulled me black." Mr. Wang is surprised when, and to find the "golden Liancheng Yu" WeChat group, but found that he was back. And he saw a man in the group of a piece of jade pictures and he paid to buy jade, he asked each other the source of this jade. The other party told Mr. Wang, jade is his, he has paid the money, but has not received. Two people contrast WeChat photos, ID photos, found that the same person. Mr. Wang quickly dialed the alarm call. Account: a month.相关的主题文章: