Ministry of Education prevention and control of primary and secondary school violence is expected to 8l9840

Ministry of Education: school violence prevention and control of primary and secondary schools to be introduced next month – People’s network Hainan Channel – People’s network to prevent bullying students, security network about the safety of passenger vehicles, telecommunications fraud prevention…… In view of the current social security risk points, the Ministry of education, Ministry of transport, the CBRC and the related enterprises in the days prior to the convening of the national social security comprehensive management innovation conference respectively puts forward the countermeasures. The Ministry of Education said, by the 8 departments to study and formulate the "primary and secondary school students on the prevention of bullying and violence guidance" is to be promulgated before the end of November. In recent years, primary and secondary school bullying incidents occur. The Ministry of education, deputy party secretary Shen Xiaoming at the meeting, the Ministry of education is in conjunction with the central comprehensive management office and other eight departments to study and formulate the "guidance" on students’ prevention of bullying and violence, to be issued before the end of November. At the same time, regions and units will also be on the bullying problems, according to the relevant requirements, accountability through notification, interviews etc.. Shen Xiaoming said that in April of this year, the Ministry of Education held a national teleconference on school safety work, the deployment of all schools to carry out self-examination, county census, municipal review, Provincial sampling and other four levels of governance. Before the end of the year, will organize experts to conduct on-site supervision and state inspectors, to ensure the effectiveness of special governance. According to reports, the Ministry of education will also bring the prevention and control of students bullying into the State Council work system education steering committee, supervision over the prevention and control of school bullying work system, the establishment of early warning and intervention mechanism of afterwards, bullying can achieve early detection, early prevention and control. At the same time, the establishment of a major bullying accounting system, clearly the person responsible for the local management, bullying events investigation, coordination and disposal etc.. Study on key strengthening dynamic groups of students, to find signs of clues carefully verified, timely disposal of found slight bullying timely follow up measures of education punishment. The Ministry of education statistics, this year a total of 68 5-8 month bullying events, these events disposal has been completed, the relevant responsible persons have been seriously dealt with, bullying incidents to curb the momentum of. (commissioning editor Liu Hantao and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: