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Department of the Ministry of education, the implementation of college graduates’ employment promotion plan in November Beijing Beijing – in 1, according to the Ministry of human resources website news, Ministry of human resources, the Ministry of Education recently issued "on the implementation of college graduates’ employment promotion plan of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), to further improve employment and entrepreneurship college graduates work arrangements. "Notice" stressed that to make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government in combination, to promote employment and encourage entrepreneurship combination, adhere to the combination of policy guidance and service innovation, play the government, colleges and society role, establish a sound long-term mechanism to promote the employment of College graduates. The "Circular" put forward, to have the entrepreneurial intention of college graduates into employment promotion programs, use of various policy measures and service means comprehensive measures to make the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial ability to enhance innovation and further enhance the vitality, have business demand can be targeted guidance and service policy support, market supply and demand, further improve the efficiency of college graduates employment rights are effectively protected, and strive to achieve to maintain a high level of employment of College graduates. Notice proposed the implementation of the five actions to promote the employment of college graduates Entrepreneurship: first, the ability to enhance action. The student occupation development and employment guidance courses throughout the personnel training system, strengthen the training of teachers employment guidance, perfect the content of employment guidance, to carry out occupation experience simulation training, various forms of practical teaching activities, strengthen the occupation guidance, develop skills of college graduates employment of special operations, to enhance the employment ability of University students. Two is to lead the entrepreneurial action. To encourage entrepreneurship as an important direction to expand employment, improve the support of college graduates entrepreneurship policy system and service system, the innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of personnel training, strengthening entrepreneurship training, facilitation measures implemented to support entrepreneurship, expand diversified financial support channels, to provide premises to support entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial public services, further to expand the scale of college graduates. Three campus precision service action. Strengthen graduates employment services during the school, the establishment of the database of graduates job seekers and employers information requirements database, build a platform for information docking services to achieve precise push employment services. Hold various recruitment activities on campus, campus activities in the public employment service personnel, increase the employment of disadvantaged groups and the job referral service efforts, to help more graduates to implement the jobs before leaving. Four employment assistance action. The intention of employment of college graduates leave school is not all included in the scope of the public employment service personnel, improve the precision of the real name system service system, enrich occupation training, employment training services, strengthen employment assistance, and strive to make every person employment will not leave the employment of college graduates in the graduation within six months of employment or participate in employment preparation activities. Five is the right to protect action. Strengthen the employment management services for college graduates, good employment and entrepreneurship policy landing, improve the work of graduates to grassroots service security mechanisms to strengthen manpower.相关的主题文章: