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"Mission impossible 6" fee differences have been resolved the shooting time reported according to the American media reported earlier in the spring, resulting in the "mission impossible 6" suspend production fee issue has been resolved, the film will begin shooting next spring. In August, there have been reports that Tom · Cruise because of dissatisfaction with the Paramount Pictures out of the box office split and a disagreement, "mission impossible 6" was scheduled for January next year started, and this "accident" has also led to the film had to postpone the production cycle. According to the latest news, the two sides have been solved in the fee, the film did not delay too long, will begin in the spring of next year, "mission impossible 5:" mysterious country director Christof · Christopher McQuarrie will return to the sixth film directed and written. This is not a "mission impossible 6" first suspend production, in July this year, there is news that the script to be a big problem, leading to the start of filming date from the end of this year until January next year, and then out of such a fee differences. Paramount Pictures refused to comment on the matter, the company in the summer of this year’s box office battle ranked six Hollywood company of the last one, will undoubtedly need a shot in the arm to save face, "mission impossible" series of natural objects as high hopes.相关的主题文章: