Moby Dick love the Golden Rooster flowers Chu elegant appearance freyja

"Moby Dick" love debut Golden Rooster flowers Chu elegant entertainment Tencent recently, has officially kicked off at the twenty-fifth China Film Festival held in Tangshan City, Hebei province. The young actor Chu was invited to attend the film festival and collaborative film "Moby Dick" love the creative crew boarded the red carpet ceremony. A China red evening fresh and refined, and full of vitality, full of passion, energy Chinese film market complement each other. Elegant and makeup that landed on the red carpet she had numerous suction eye, become the focus of the scene. The Chu month in the film as a heroine interpretation of different youth. The movie "Moby Dick" love in the light blue ocean warm heart opening, the whole film inspirational, strong sense of narrative. In Chu who plays the heroine Tan Rong, pretty she inadvertently became everyone in the eyes of the "goddess", every twinkle and smile are affecting the people. Almost makeup face clean spotless, and the Blue Ocean Museum pavilions. The new generation actress Chu elegant makings was born in February 11, 1992, like a spring breeze, self scenery. In the film, Chu passed through body movements in nature, and the eyes of the emotion, will be a strong and optimistic girl sunshine perfect show in front of the audience, small fresh goddess acting again to get the perfect play, the industry has been recognized. Used to see the costume drama Chu graceful atmosphere image, return to the modern theme, her temperament and character is more figurative, still without a strong color, touch the inner feelings of the audience. Directed by Lin Xiaoli film directed by Moby Dick "love" tells the story of four young whale trainer in the aquarium of the beautiful love story. The film focused love, affection and dream, typical pure youth film style, the theme of sunshine inspirational, easy moving story. Not only the actor Yan value enough weight, fresh smelling clean temperament is also impressive, plus many underwater soft action Chu appears and the cute little face has let the audience very into play, like exposure to the blue ocean.相关的主题文章: