Monday lovers six anniversary! Gary Song Ji Hyo looks at each other and smiles sweetly (Figure) hypersnap-dx

Monday lovers six anniversary! Gary Song Ji Hyo smile, full of sweet (Figure) Monday couple yesterday (1 days), Gary shares his and Song Ji Hyo "Monday couple six anniversary cake photo, to attract fans attention. It is reported that the South Korean variety show "Running Man" running for 6 years, at home and abroad have big audience support, but cast member Gary in order to music, on the day before the announcement to exit the program. He carried out the last video on the 31, did not appear in the beginning with the members of the street, until the evening before the fit, and he saw the fans also bowed, and the staff and one hug goodbye. Gary finished a "Running Man" (RM) recorded backstage, he hosted a farewell, and put all the photo uploaded to Instagram, immediately on the social networking site crazy pass, Lee has eyes users found that with Gary called the "Monday couple" Song Ji Hyo did not stand in the other side, and that smile far fetched conceal her parting.相关的主题文章: