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IWB means International Wine Bar, opened in 1989, from the subway station is very close to the wild, but also in the quiet, calm and elegant atmosphere of the European style people relax. The shop has four tasters in stores, collected from all over the world as many as 2000 bottles of wine, and the annual output only hundreds of bottles of treasures.

in addition to the usual package, the other quarter of the month when the special selection of food ingredients, choose to match the dishes with champagne, wine and other recommendations to diners. Ingredients from the chef personally from the organic farming farm procurement, fresh and healthy, so diners get the most high-quality high-end dining experience.

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kind of meal

address: Sapporo City, Central South five West 5 fields, lumira DoCoMo, Tokyo pulp building Ja 7F

Tel: +81-11-522-2515


operating hours: 17:00-23:30 (L.O. 23:00, Monday rest)

afraid of tempura is too greasy? In the subject’s kind of meal this impression will be swept away. When a prawn tempura correct in front, a bite, thin face clothes wrapped shrimp body, bring out the shrimp meat delicious, but definitely not overwhelming.

Frying oil with

store is too white sesame oil, flour paste blending ratio of precision, and rich seasonal ingredients, various dishes may expand tempura. According to different prices, there are three kinds of packages to choose from, can also be based on the menu of the day.

is especially recommended to use advanced ingredients such as creative tempura, Fugu, albino EZO abalone and sea urchin roe gaua Scallop in Shell plus, double delicious! In addition to tempura package, store and seasonal food packages, two weeks to replace a menu. Don’t forget to drink a glass of champagne, and the fatty acid of champagne is a popular way of cooking.

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