My brother! Town soul Street Youku ranked first since the channel animation class! incubus

My brother! "Town soul Street" Youku ranked first since the channel animation class! By Yaoqi produced, Xu Chen popular comic animation "the soul of the town street", to set up a funny story, scramjet blood plot, conscience making become an independent school in the domestic animation, since April 28th this year, broadcast, has been more and more concern and support. In just half of this play, "the soul of the town street" have made many remarkable achievements: in July 2016, after the 12 episode aired, "the soul of the town street" total playback volume exceeded one hundred million; in August, "the soul of the town street" in the way ahead of domestic original animation month to click in the rankings, Youku and web sites such as Bilibili are in in September, the amount of fans first; "the soul of the town street" official Youku channel from the exceeded 1 million, and this number is at an alarming increase in momentum! And in the near future, "the soul of the town street" and get a new result: Youku potatoes held in September 10, 2016 second of the Internet culture and entertainment ecosystem open conference, "the soul of the town street" from the channel was from official Youku channel Top100, and off laurel in the animation category, becoming the first truly! With the development of the animation and comic as the representative of the two dimension economy from small love, gradually developed into a part of the mainstream culture, accepted and loved by more and more people through the network platform, more and more domestic animation to the audience perspective, with Japan, the United States similar works for compete. While the potatoes Youku Top100, the winner is not influential and popular, continuous innovation in the form of content, such as the commercialization of the main channel, both cultural values and commercial value, has won the unanimous endorsement of professionals and audience friends. As the animation category from the channel first, "the soul of the town street" in terms of animation content or operation, have made a new attempt: in ensuring the week under the premise of "the soul of the town street" with the help of this platform through the channel, and the audience a variety of more deep interaction and exchange degree. The most intuitive, most authentic feedback and suggestions, and the content is more for the adjustment and correction of; in addition, the use of self channels, "the soul of the town street" to get IP data flow, develop, upgrade, special funds and solid service and other aspects of support, in the form of chips, live, to further expand the visibility, improve the animation works itself influence, which can be used to develop deeper on the IP itself. As one of the most popular works are free, "the soul of the town street" animation for many years, in the production of Party and efforts to jointly promote the Yaoqi, the original author Xu Chen, Fang Lu and Li Shujie animation studio hanyo three party, finally to the blood, spirit of the coexistence of extraordinary magic in the world on the screen. So far, the town soul street has aired 19 episodes, the final battle has kicked off, the contradiction has entered the white hot, the final plot also exposed the water! The young blood is boiling, intrigue and deceit, power and justice triggered at any moment! Wonderful story is on the!相关的主题文章: