Naive female network encounter big boss cheated 118 times a year verbal jint

Naive women met the "big boss" within a year was 118 in Lishui Jinyun, there is such a naive woman, she was in a year’s time has been cheated for 118 times, a total of about 600000 yuan cheated, sadly, shorn of all savings, she still naively thought of party she will also money. A liar after appearing in court said: "except for my mom she is the best person for me." November 3rd, suspicion of fraud suspect Wang was arrested by the Jinyun police. Online network encounter big boss innocent woman became an ATM 2015 day, Ms. Chen (a pseudonym) received a stranger’s QQ friends to apply, there is no alert, she did not think he would add a friend to Jinyun. The new friend claimed to be the boss of the package project, often take the initiative to express concern to Ms. Chen, and said he had done the project in Jinyun, the two quickly became very good friends talk about. At the end of October 2015, the boss said he lost his mobile phone and wallet outside, borrowed 300 yuan from Ms. chen. The good old lady gave him the money. Two days later, the boss gave her back to her $300, and called to thank Ms. Chen to lend money to him, he wanted to help Ms. Chen to make money, as long as the investment of 3000 yuan per week to help her earn $400. Ms. Chen has seen such a good thing, gave 3000 yuan. "Investment" after the first week, the boss really gave her hit 400 yuan. Tasted the sweetness of Ms. Chen for the good boss is convinced. A few days later, the boss sent QQ information, said he contracted a project, the machine broke down, you need to buy the machine, but the money is not a turnaround, want to borrow 3000 yuan chen. On the boss trust plus Chen will soon hit the money. But she did not expect that such a borrowed money endless. So, in the next months, "the boss" to eat, live, workers buy materials to pad money, staff drove the others hit to lose money, staff injury requiring hospitalization and so on for various reasons, has repeatedly told Ms. Chen borrowed a total of about 200000 yuan. This is Ms. Chen began to calm down, "the boss" bombarded arrears. A hard road how material and is a new round of pitfalls facing Ms. Chen dunning, "the boss" said sorry, and that he was willing to put their own house, the money is also the first. See the boss so sincere, Ms. Chen once again put down the alert. Then, the "boss" to sell the house to the notarization fee of 10 thousand yuan, the wife refused to sell the house to give her 8000 yuan to make up for the new year, give leadership gifts early to get good projects and other reasons to Ms. Chen has "borrowed" nearly 20 thousand yuan. In order to make the "boss" successfully sold the house to pay back the money as soon as possible, Ms. Chen had constantly to remit money. At the beginning of September 2016, the "boss" and said he had a benign tumor, surgery, but no money to live in hospital. If not cure, that he owed money is not wasted? Has been borrowed all the savings of Ms. Chen, in order to be able to get their money back as soon as possible, she can only borrow money from his brother to his hospital". This time, Ms. Chen’s husband was finally aware, and at this time, Ms. Chen has been divided into 118 times".相关的主题文章: