Nanjing woman want to commit suicide by jumping from the neighbor lifts brother for help bloxorz

Nanjing woman want to commit suicide by jumping from the neighbor lifts brother for help in the evening on September 24th at about 6, in a district of Nanjing District of Yuhuatai City Road, a tulip, women want to commit suicide by jumping from the 5 floor from. She sat on the 4 floor of the canopy, the situation is extremely critical…… Dong Jian lives on the 2 floor of the neighbors saw the scene, rushed to the station to the 4 floor, 4 floor balcony, with his hand on the awning. The downstairs neighbors hold a quilt, 5 people opened quilts downstairs collusion, the woman was saved by the final peace. Do not care about clothes, he rushed upstairs to save things happen in the evening of September 24th about 6, when living in the second floor of the Dong Jian suddenly heard the window came to the panic: "the police, the girl may want to jump off the building." "!" He ran to the window and saw a woman sitting on the 4 floor awning. Some residents downstairs pulled out a cell phone alarm, and some shouted to take the quilt pulled up". Dong Jian looked up and saw that the woman’s family was trying to bring her back to the balcony, but did not succeed. Dong Jian looked at, even the clothes did not wear underpants and then ran out of the house. Rushed to the 4 floor of a neighbor’s house, he climbed the balcony, the iron railings outside the 4 floor balcony width of only 20 cm on the hands on the 4 floor of the awning awning, prevent because of excessive loading fracture. At the same time, Dong Jian to appease the woman: "don’t move, I have something good to say, below support you, don’t be afraid of you." "At that time, I was a little scared, but I could not see the danger of neighbors." Later, Dong Jian told modern express reporter. In this way, he propped up for three or four minutes, and downstairs have come out with a neighbor to spread the quilt as a life-saving cushion, so as not to drop the woman. In Dong Jian and women’s family comfort, want to commit suicide woman’s mood gradually stable, she was finally pulled back to the family room from the 5 floor window safety. The police will reward courageous people today after receiving the alarm, Nanjing Yuhuatai Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau police station in 5 minutes on the scene. "That the situation is too dangerous, I now want to have me up, really thank these good neighbors to help, you must help me to praise them." Suicide woman’s mother told police gratefully. Police learned that Dong Jian is a software technology company staff, 31 years old this year. September 25th, the police found Dong Jianji, Chen Jinding, He Jie, Zhang Yong and other 4 pull up the emergency rescue line of defense, the good neighbor of the. The police told Modern Express reporter, awning only a few screws, it is difficult to support the adult body weight, if not Dong Jian and pull the quilt well intentioned people to rescue, awning will probably not support fracture, the woman will be very dangerous. Currently, 6 well intentioned people have found a number of 5, the police hope that a good person or other people know the situation in time to contact the police. In September 25th, the modern express reporter learned from the Yuhuatai police, the police have 5 enthusiastic people for 26 days will be courageous recognition, reward them for.相关的主题文章: