Nanning Yongjiang 55 km coastline at the end up showing beautiful waterfront landscape

Nanning Yongjiang 55 km coastline at the end up showing beautiful waterfront landscape along the scenic spots there are flowers and trees, suitable for public play exercise leisure attractions of modern design sense

Nanning evening news (reporter Han Pei) "the blue mountains warm Jiangwan, purple Italian fly pass rhyme", the two sides are constantly Yongjiang beautiful metamorphosis. Reporters yesterday from the city of Nanning city and city construction sponge leading group office was informed that the comprehensive improvement of the environment and the development of cross-strait Yongjiang utilization project is being orderly, autonomous region Party school will be completed to three shore bridge rectification by the end of June, before the end of December to complete the Qingchuan Bridge to five as bridge construction. Strive to the end of this year, the city center 55 km coastline Yongjiang River has beautiful waterfront landscape.

district party school to the three shore bridge basically completed

in the Yongjiang River Waterfront Park, high pole lights on both sides of the road green landscape with ancient breath lined, coconut King waving everywhere lush bushes and tall, an antique pavilions, terraces and open halls nestled in the green leaves.

it is reported that from 2012 onwards, Nanning city started the Yongjiang River comprehensive renovation and exploitation work, ranging from the old port shipping hub extends to the six law of bridge, a total length of 85 km, an area of about 2254 hectares, after the completion of the formation of a river, on both sides, River Architecture duo, four hearts, seven section, multi gallery ".

at present, and comprehensively promote the development of Yongjiang River remediation. Autonomous Region Party school to the shore of the three sections of the bridge is basically completed, the ship into the finishing stage of special clean-up. This section of the north and south sides remediation length of approximately 22 kilometers, now the main project has been completed, a total investment of 1 billion 450 million yuan; the construction of the green landscape of about 1 million 730 thousand square meters, about 21 km cycling tour trails and open to the public, Binjiang style will add the beautiful scenery city take on an altogether new aspect, new line.

Qingchuan Bridge to bridge section five as last year had started across the board, the renovation of the north and south sides of length of approximately 33.3 kilometers, the north and south sides of the north shore revetment landscape engineering (Ling iron bridge to bridge five) are under construction, a total investment of 380 million yuan.

11 in mid Yongning navigation

from Nanning city about 34 kilometers west of Youjiang, in the lower reaches of the confluence of the left and the 5 kilometers of the Yujiang River, a dam stand. This is so far in Nanning city water conservancy project — the largest investment in Guangxi old port Yujiang navigation project.

old port shipping hub project was completed and put into use in September last year, becoming a set of flood control, power generation, shipping, inland water supply to Nanning, and other functions in one integrated water conservancy hub. At present, the old port shipping hub project is gradually improving the efficiency, the average annual generating capacity of up to 640 million degrees.

Yongning water conservancy project is currently planned to move forward. Power plant and dam project has been completed one year cofferdam, 1>