Nantong Haimen stacked stone 4A into Zhejiang Shanghai Gold scenic tourism destination —

Nantong Haimen stacked stone 4A into Zhejiang Shanghai Gold scenic tourism destination — Jiangsu window — original title: Dieshiqiao 4A Zhejiang Tourism scenic spot into the Shanghai Gold eleven golden week, Dieshiqiao 4A class tourist attractions shopping tourism hot, swim team, self driving tourists mojianjiezhong. According to the deputy manager, Dieshiqiao Tourism Development Co. visitor center director Fan Xuhong, three days before the golden week tourists to the East ZiJiaYou majority, after a few days in October 4th from Shanghai, Suzhou and other places to swim team also showed a rapid increase trend, is expected to tour bus every day more than 10 vehicles, the total amount of nearly 50 thousand visitors throughout the holiday passengers. During the holiday period, the three core business district Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City, a textile shop is the bustling tourists, especially the first, so far it is the only provincial tourism bureau has been identified as the provincial industrial tourist area (point) "Ming Chao textile", it is crowded, bustling. It is reported that most of the visitors to the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area, Shanghai, Suzhou people more particularly. In recent years, with the help of modern tourism Dieshiqiao, encourage Zero run, expand sales channels, increase business efficiency, promote commercial facilities, promote market prosperity effect. The modern tourism industry to promote and promote, word-of-mouth mode continues to enhance and expand the textile industry and market influence, Dieshiqiao in textile industry outside the visibility and influence by the rapid development of business and can accelerate Dieshiqiao catering, leisure and entertainment of the modern service industry, the Yangtze River Delta and the country to carry out tourism marketing, to attract a team of tourists shopping tourism. Dieshiqiao 4A scenic area to become the Jiangsu and East China especially the golden tourist line in Shanghai area, tourists travel agency. Stacked stone textile culture has a long history and distinctive features, and stacked stone textile to the four celebrity Association (late Qing Dynasty scholar Zhang Jian, embroidery master Shen Shou, Shen Jingfu and cloth magnate of famous painter Wang Geyi) and related industry celebrities heritage is the cultural tourism connotation of textile characteristics; at the same time, many tourists and the characteristics of love tourism resources, tourism development is a modern new space — the characteristics of textile shopping tourism, has become Nantong and even the national characteristics of the one and only bright spot, with any other tourism scenic area (spot) competitive advantage and development potential can not be compared. Haimen Dieshiqiao International Home Textile City National 4A grade scenic spot scenic spot was founded in October 2012, running for more than 4 years, the success of domestic and foreign tourists over 500 people, in 2016 was named "Jiangsu province tourism shopping district integrity". (Jiang Xin Zhao Yonggen) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: