Net exposure Gaoyou a primary school girls school said that the ear splitting fan is not real-p8400

Net exposure Gaoyou a primary school girls school said that the ear splitting fan is not real in September 22nd, Yangzhou Gaoyou news website, called "Gaoyou a teacher had cracked the ears of students!" Net posts said: Gaoyou, a netizen said that their children in the development zone of a school, and then beaten by the teacher, the ears were torn! He said that some of the teachers did not admit it at first, but later admitted. The picture in the post showed that the girl was undergoing surgery in the hospital and sewed several stitches into her ear. Girl ears cracked by teachers, is the net post true? Reporters in the morning of September 23rd and Gaoyou City Education Bureau to get in touch, the office of the office, the legal department, the monitoring room related people are said not to understand the relevant circumstances. Since then, Gaoyou City Economic Development Zone on the Internet a response on the matter, "said the false reports or in a misunderstanding". The following is online in response to the school: the morning of September 23rd, the development zone by investigating Shuren primary school, visited by students and comprehensive view of school monitoring, find out now is the fact that: yesterday (September 21st) morning at 8:05 7:46 children, morning exercises, the first class of 8:35, has been to 9:15 class children is normal, but also after class and her cousin (the second grade students in our school) and other kids in the playground. Around 9:24, her cousin wiped the blood from her ears on the playground for the little girl. What happened during the class, the two little girls couldn’t tell where it was hurt. At present it has good communication with parents, false reports or in a misunderstanding. Thank the community for the attention and supervision of our school work. Gaoyou Development Zone tree primary school on the Internet a response on the matter of "screenshot reporter telephone contact the school, hoping to further verify the relevant circumstances, but the phone has no answer.

网曝高邮一小学扇裂女生耳朵 校方称原帖不实   9月22日,扬州高邮某网站发布消息,称“高邮一老师竟将学生耳朵打裂!”网帖中称:高邮一网友说是自己的孩子在开发区某学校上学,然后被老师打了,耳朵被打的撕裂了!并表示涉事老师起初并不承认,后来承认。网帖中的照片显示,女孩正在医院接受手术,耳朵上缝了好几针。   女生耳朵被老师打裂,网帖是否属实?记者9月23日上午与高邮市教育局取得联系,该局办公室、法制科、监察室相关人士均表示不了解相关情况。此后,高邮市经济开发区在网上对此事进行了回应,称“原帖中的不实报道纯属误会”。   以下为该校在网上的回应:   9月23日上午,开发区树人小学经全面调查了解,通过走访学生和全方位查看学校的监控,现查明的事实是这样的:昨天(9月21日)早上孩子7:46到校,8:05早操,8:35上第一节课,一直到9:15下课孩子都很正常,而且下课后还和她的表姐(我校二年级学生)及其他小朋友一起在操场上玩耍。大约在9:24分左右,她的表姐在操场边为小女孩擦耳朵上的血迹。下课期间发生的事情,两个小女孩都说不清楚在哪里碰伤的。目前此事已与家长沟通处理好,原帖中的不实报道纯属误会。感谢社会各界对我校工作的关注和监督。   高邮开发区树人小学在网上对此事进行了回应网页截图   记者电话联系该校,希望进一步核实相关情况,但电话始终无人接听。相关的主题文章: