Network transmission Zhengzhou city 3 District 11 to build 5 ring and 6 ring Xushui CBD official rum jessica rabbit

Network transmission Zhengzhou city 3 District 11 to build 5 ring and 6 ring Xushui CBD official rumor yesterday, the circle of friends began to turn out a Madden News – "zoning adjustment, Zhengzhou bigger and stronger the main city of Zhengzhou city master plan (2015-2030)", and pointed out that Zhengzhou should be changed to 11 districts in 3 cities. To be built south of the CBD, Xushui CBD, built 5 ring and 6 ring! Network transmission planning, planning period: 2015-2030 two, the overall goal of urban development: the construction of Zhengzhou into an important modern metropolis in China, into the list of major cities. Forecast: by 2030 the population of the city of Zhengzhou reached 800-1000 million. Three, adjust zoning, bigger and stronger Zhengzhou main city: with the continuous development of the main city area of Zhengzhou, the original zoning has been unable to adapt to the rapid development of Zhengzhou. Therefore, the adjustment for the 3 districts of the city (including the main city of the District 8), the District of the city of 11. 3: Gongyi City, Dengfeng City, Xinmi city; City area: Xuanyuan area (Xinzheng city), Xingyang District, Zhongmu district (former Xingyang City District, city +): Kim District, Zheng Dong District, the port, Tube City, District 27, Zhongyuan District, high tech Zone, Huiji district. Specific adjustment: 1, Zheng Dong: West Zhongzhou Avenue, North North Sanhuan, South to East Longhai railway, including Pu Tian Xiang, Baisha town. 2, jinshuiqu: urban part of the same, Liulin Town, Garden Town, North Sanhuan to north part jinshuiqu. 3, the port: the economic and Technological Development Zone, South Village, cao meng, Xie Zhen, port. 4, Tube City: the original downtown, eighteen in the part of the same town, Longhu town. 5, District 27: unchanged in the Central Plains area: temporarily undecided: 6. 7, high-tech zones: suspense suspense. 8, Huiji District: the original downtown unchanged, guxing Town, Guang Wu zhen. 9, Xingyang District: the original Xingyang + street area 10, the other unchanged. Four, urban construction: 1, focus on the development of a river, a ring. Namely: a water: Zhengzhou section of the south to North Water Transfer, a ring: the fourth ring. 2, planning and construction of the southern city of CBD, water CBD. As Zheng Dong CBD mature enterprises rate is very high, has been unable to meet the rapid development of Zhengzhou’s economy, especially the world-class enterprises have set up branches or offices in Zhengzhou, need a higher standard of CBD to support the development, so in the construction of water diversion pipe or port city on both sides of a world class CBD. The construction of CBD in order to meet the economic development of the western region. In the water to build a city level CBD. The 3 engines of urban development. Meet the needs of different economic development. Five, transportation: 1, Shi Wu high-speed rail, Zheng Xi, Zheng Xu high-speed railway opened to traffic, the construction of Zheng Yu, Zheng Ji, and the iron of the. 2, the city subway line 1 extends eastward to Kaifeng, westward extending to the streets of Xingyang. (Note: the extension area by 3, 2 light rail) line extending southward to Xuanyuan area. 4, and the airport to establish a number of rail traffic, and the road. 5, Xuchang, Xinxiang, Xinxiang, the construction of inter city rail transit. 6, the construction of the Fifth Ring Road, the six ring road. The reporter check, the plan although some credible place, but a closer look at the news, in 2010, 2016 years, almost every period of time out of the fire once, is really the source of It is sheer fiction. ;相关的主题文章: