Nicholas Tse had to admit by domestic violence were stripped out of the door sugus

Nicholas Tse had to admit by domestic violence were stripped out of the door Nicholas Tse had to admit his mother beat Sina entertainment news with Xie Xian Deborah the parents, Nicholas Tse is a "superstar with halo" was born. But in today’s "3 front flavor" exposed a video footage, but Nicholas Tse had to admit by corporal punishment is the mother of Deborah, and even were stripped out of the door. In the "3" front flavor this footage, mother Deborah had suffered "mahjong rule" a meal "bamboo stew Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh revealed to his childhood". While Deborah beat after more will be stripped naked Nicholas Tse out the door, let alone in Nicholas Tse "until my father came to see me, see me in the elevator to play alone, he felt angry and funny". Nicholas Tse’s mother made Michelle Yeoh feel incredible, repeatedly asked, is it true?" Asked if Nicholas Tse would be angry with her mother. Nicholas Tse also admitted that he was really angry with his mother when he was a child, but gradually grew up, he learned to understand the mother, but also consciously enhance the mother child relationship. Nicholas Tse admitted that, in fact, he was not very close to the relationship with his parents, but he learned to cook things changed. Because my mother is very good at cooking, but also know how to eat, I will ask her good taste, so close to the beginning of a lot of." From Nicholas Tse’s narrative, it is not difficult to see that he’s increasingly sophisticated cooking also contains the love of family. Xie Xian in the program said Nicholas Tse was a young man with 20 friends to mother home for 12 hours of the meal, filial heart accentuates.相关的主题文章: