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Ningbo is a fish development forum also attract a large coffee in President China academician Fisheries Association ecological industry model innovation, the original large yellow croaker breeding progress, Pseudosciaena crocea e-commerce, with research and development and application, feed products processing, circulation and brand strategy, product quality and safety and disease prevention and control in six aspects to discuss. Industry of large yellow croaker is China’s largest freshwater fish industry, set up a "China large yellow croaker industry technology innovation strategic alliance, is to promote the technological innovation, to solve the common key technologies constraining the development of the industry, to achieve rapid industrialization. Please show you in large yellow croaker in the forum yesterday, carried out at the same time, the second large yellow croaker Culture Festival in Gulou Street held over three days to September 25th, a large yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea photography exhibition and cultural exhibition, invited the national artist Sheng Xinfu of yellow croaker works rendering the scene, President Lu Shenggui of Xiangshan folk literature and art association the extension works of on-site production of yellow croaker etc.. There are large yellow croaker exhibition and trade, parents with children to go shopping, buy side can experience the unique culture of ocean side. A little more Ningbo dishes: Braised croaker soup "pickled potherb mustard yellow croaker soup" produced by the East China coastal fisheries cooked yellow croaker, yellow croaker fish fat, fleshy fruit, cream soup mellow, fresh and salty taste one, is the traditional name of Ningbo cuisine restaurant, hotel perennial supply, is the coastal folk feast the best food. Production method: raw materials: 1 large yellow croaker treaty 650 grams, 100 grams of cabbage, cooked bamboo shoots 50 grams, scallion 3, ginger 3, a tablespoon of Shaoxing wine. Production: the yellow croaker section net, Duoqu pectoral, dorsal fin, fish two row willow flower knife. The potherb mustard cut into fine. The hot pot, the next Shuzhu you, till the seven mature, put ginger, onion knot. The yellow croaker with boiling water into the pot a little hot, two slightly fried, Shaoxing wine, under the appropriate amount of boiling water, stamped with braised fish eyes for about 5 minutes, see the white fish, slightly off the shoulder, gravy is milky white, picking out onions, ginger, put bamboo shoots, pickled cabbage, salt seasoning.相关的主题文章: