Ninglang found nearly 100 Tiankeng villagers suspected excessive mining due to the Yunnan cha-kisstudou

Ninglang found nearly 100 "Tiankeng"   villagers suspected excessive mining due to the Yunnan channel — original title: Ninglang found that nearly "Tiankeng" villagers suspected excessive mining caused by relevant departments to the scene to investigate the day before, the territory of Lijiang city of Yunnan province Ninglang County back Luo mountain and found hundreds of large and small "sinkhole, local villagers said they suspected to be caused by over exploitation of coal mine closed, hope the production and life of the affected villagers. In October 12th, the reporter under the guidance of the local villagers, in Ninglang county and township border war happy tsubosato see along the exploitation of coal mine has been discontinued for many years, some still in mining. Back is the Rocky Mountain coal mining area of a hill, the surrounding mountains have multiple mining in coal mine. On the right side of the mountain road, there are many sinkholes, and these pits show irregular circular subsidence shape. Slightly smaller diameter about 3 meters to 5 meters, subsidence depth is about 1 meters, slightly larger diameter about 8 meters to 16 meters, subsidence depth is about 1 meters to 2 meters. In the vicinity of these "sinkholes", there are also large mountain fracture zones and debris flows and mountain collapse marks. Villagers told reporters that such a "sinkhole" and fracture zone, there are dozens of places on the back of the Luo mountain. Villagers introduced, "sinkhole" of the mountain, the past is the villagers grain growing land, now most of them can not be cultivated. The cause of these sinkholes is the suspicion of over exploitation of coal over a long period of time. Ninglang County Land Resources Bureau of geological environment department said the reporter received feedback information, will promptly sent staff to the scene investigation. Evening news reporter will continue to pay attention. (Wang Fa) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor) 宁蒗发现近百“天坑” 村民怀疑是过度釆煤所致–云南频道–人民网 原标题:宁蒗发现近百“天坑” 村民怀疑是过度釆煤所致 相关部门将到现场调查   日前,云南省丽江市宁蒗县境内背洛山发现近百个大大小小的“天坑”,当地村民说,他们怀疑是过度开釆煤炭所致,希望关闭影响村民生产生活的矿井。   10月12日,记者在当地村民的指引下,在宁蒗县战河乡与跑马坪乡接壤处看到,沿线开采煤炭的矿井有的已停产多年,有的还在开采中。背洛山即是此煤炭开采区内的一个小山系,其山系周边有多个煤井在开采。   在背洛山的山路右侧,有多处“天坑”,这些坑,呈现出不规则的圆形沉陷形状。稍小的直径约有3米至5米,沉陷深度约在1米多,稍大的直径约有8米至16米,沉陷深度约在1米至2米多。   在这些“天坑”附近,还有较大的山体断裂带和曾发生泥石流及山体塌陷等痕迹。村民告诉记者,这样的“天坑”和断裂带,在背洛山上有几十处。   村民介绍,出现“天坑”的山地,过去都是村民种粮的土地,现在大多数己经无法耕种。这些“天坑”的成因,村民怀疑是长期以来过度开釆煤炭所致。   宁蒗县国土资源局地质环境部门在接到记者反馈的信息后表示,将及时派出工作人员到现场了解调查。晚报记者将持续关注。(王法) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: