NOKIA took over after the death of lumia Microsoft’s own bracelet is kneeling

After taking over NOKIA dead Lumia Microsoft’s own bracelet also knelt the Sina mobile phone news on October 10th morning news, Microsoft has from the official store shelf products no longer sell the bracelet, this bracelet is Microsoft cut product line signal intent. Unfortunately, now you can not buy the official Microsoft mall Microsoft Band 2 bracelet. The other third parties are also synchronized with the electricity supplier, Amazon is also only a small amount of inventory. According to foreign media ZDNet news, Microsoft has abandoned plans to release Band 3, Microsoft Bracelet product line team has disbanded. In the first month, Microsoft also said it would "continue to provide high-quality products for the wearable user". However, from the current situation, the Band series has been abandoned, and even the official Developer Suite is prohibited access. (this means no one has been able to write applications for App Band) the first generation Microsoft Bracelet (pictures from The Verge) the first generation Band bracelet was released on October 2014, at the time of the market is also dominate, but in the wearing comfort is criticized. Last year, Microsoft has launched the second generation of products, but not much improvement in the details. Now simply Poguanposhuai cutting Bracelet product line. Sina comments: Although Microsoft’s Band like Windows Phone gone with the wind, but you can also choose Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin, Misfit these brands, or simply buy a Apple Watch smart watches. In addition to the international brands, domestic Bong, Weloop, Ticwear, China smart Bracelet Watch products, with a higher price in the domestic market accounted for half of the country. But on the wrist wearable device in the end can go far? Will be replaced by the integration of smart phones or out of their own product ecology, we wait and see. (Cheng Yuan)相关的主题文章: