Not enough money shortage this free vegetarian restaurant in the troubled public hamimelon

The shortage of funds, tension, this free public welfare vegetarian restaurant, troubled by Zhao Xiaoyan, to "guests" dishes. Jeannic photo and other Wenzhou vegetarian restaurant, located in the urban area around the square lane "Lotus vegetarian restaurant" free and open to the public, whether you are homeless, security, sanitation workers, or workers or passers-by can dine here. The vegetarian restaurant opened for more than two years, but faced with lack of personnel, funds and other issues. Yesterday, the head of the vegetarian diet appealed for more loving people to support. At noon, when up to more than 130 people dining at 10 yesterday morning, the reporters came to the "Lotus vegetarian restaurant", about 60 square meters of the restaurant in order, two older volunteers in cleaning. "Clean your feet, wait till someone comes."." A man of a woman said. The restaurant manager Zhao Xiaoyan is a chef and a volunteer in the kitchen cooking, "although we are burning vegetable dish, but the taste is not bad." In a gap, Zhao Xiaoyan and reporters chatted up. At 11 noon, there are 15 minutes to go from the restaurant, and there are long queues in the restaurant. At this time, food shelf dishes have been in place, cabbage, potatoes, tofu and other Sauteed Green Beans, 10 disc elements color aroma and taste. As soon as the Rice arrived, volunteers arranged food and rice for each guest in an orderly way. At 12, the number of diners peaked, but the guests still queued for food, chopsticks and seats. The whole process is very quiet, few people speak, even speak softly. "The food here is delicious, and the people here are very nice. I come here at noon every day." A sanitation worker said on the spot. "At noon, 70 people come to the shops for lunch, and there are more than 130 people at the end of the day." Volunteer Wang Tingting told reporters that since the opening of the vegetarian restaurant, to solve the problem of street Rangers, sanitation workers lunch, they are also a frequent visitor here. The person in charge of a person all mentioned reasons, open love vegetarian restaurant Zhao Xiaoyan said, he is a vegetarian, vegetarian through, to publicize the environmental health meal. The vegetarian restaurant opened in July 2014 and has been in charge of Zhao Xiaoyan. Four or five in the morning, she will be responsible for buying food, chopping, cooking, busy for hours. Haven’t had time to sit down and rest, went to the dinner time, and then she had to entertain guests. Sometimes there are volunteers to help, no volunteers, she is a person. "As an outsider, I’m the head of the vegetarian restaurant, and I’m a chef, a waiter, a dishwasher." Even so, Zhao Xiaoyan still sticks to the idea of delivering love and promoting environmental health and vegetarianism. She felt that since she decided to do something, she must stick to it. Appeal to more loving people to support Zhao Xiaoyan to reporters a sum of money, rent 55 thousand per year, more than 10 thousand of water and electricity fees a year, as well as the daily supply of rice and so on. A year later, the basic operating expenses in the hall vegetable dish at least ten. It is understood that the opening of two years, most of the cost of vegetable dish by Zhao Xiaoyan hall out of pocket or friends sponsorship. In order to let the vegetarian restaurant survive, Zhao Xiaoyan began to take measures to "cut". Originally free three meals a day, gradually change.

资金不够人手紧张 这家免费的公益素食馆遇困扰 赵晓燕给“客人”打菜。吉妮 摄和温州其他的素食馆不同,位于市区全坊巷的“荷合素菜馆”免费对外开放,无论你是流浪人员、保安、环卫工人,还是上班族或经过的路人,都能在这里用餐。该素食馆开张两年多,却面临着人员缺乏、资金紧张等问题。昨天,该素食馆负责人呼吁更多的爱心人士支援。中午最多时有130多人就餐昨天上午10点,记者来到“荷合素菜馆”时,约60平方米的餐馆内秩序井然,两位年纪稍大的义工在打扫卫生。“擦干净点,等会人来了才舒服。”一位阿公对一位阿婆说。餐馆负责人赵晓燕正在和一位厨师义工在厨房烧菜,“我们虽烧的是素菜,但味道一点也不差。”在烧菜间隙,赵晓燕和记者聊起来。中午11点,离餐馆开馆时间还有15分钟,餐馆里已排起长队。此时,菜架上的菜已全部就位,白菜、四季豆、土豆丝、豆腐等10来盘素菜色香味俱佳。饭点一到,义工们有条不紊的给每位客人打菜、打饭。快到12点时,用餐人数达到高峰,但客人依旧排队打菜、取筷、入座。整个过程特别安静,鲜有人讲话,即使说话也都轻声细语。“这里的饭菜很好吃而且这里的人很和善,我每天中午准时来这里吃。”现场一位环卫工人说。“每天中午平均有70人来店里就餐,多的时候有130多人。”义工王婷婷告诉记者,自从素食馆开馆后,解决了这一带流浪人员、环卫工人的午饭问题,他们自然也是这里的常客。负责人一人身兼多职提起开爱心素食馆的原因,赵晓燕说,自己是素食主义者,通过素食,向市民宣传环保健康用餐。这家素食馆从2014年7月开馆至今,一直由赵晓燕一人负责。每天早上四五点,她要负责买菜、切菜、烧菜,一忙活就是好几个小时。还没来得及坐下休息,就到了开饭时间,然后她又得招待就餐的客人。有时有义工来帮忙,没有义工的话就她一人顶着。“在外人看来,我是这家素食馆的负责人,其实我是厨师、服务员、洗碗工全部兼着。”即便这样,赵晓燕仍然坚持传递爱心、宣传环保健康素食的想法。她觉得,既然是自己决定要做的事,就一定要坚持下去,半途而废就违背了初心。呼吁更多爱心人士支援赵晓燕向记者算了一笔账,租金每年5.5万,水电费一年1万多,还有每天供应的大米等。一年下来,素菜馆基本运营经费至少在十几万。据了解,开张两年来,素菜馆的大多费用都由赵晓燕自掏腰包或亲朋好友赞助。为了让素菜馆维系下来,赵晓燕开始采取“开源节流”的措施。原来免费一日三餐,逐步改为一日两餐,从今年3月开始只供应一顿午饭,上周开始承接快餐业务。“周边的商铺中饭一般都是叫快餐,正好一边可以向他们宣传素食理念,又可以为素食馆搞点创收。”赵晓燕说,快餐每份5元,目前每天业务量在20单左右。从开馆至今,也有不少爱心人士向素食馆捐款,两年多捐款总数有10万元多。不过,从素食馆的运营来看,这些钱还远远不够。最让赵晓燕着急的是人手紧缺,“目前真正全职在做的就我一人,还有四名相对稳定的义工。我希望有更多爱心人士加入,帮助我们一起宣传素食理念。”赵晓燕说,她想成立素食馆义工队,使素食馆管理规范化,捐款透明化。目前她已向市慈善总会申报成立义工队。她期待有越来越多的义工加入义工队,同时也呼吁有更多的爱心人士献爱心。相关的主题文章: