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November: American fall boom faded epic – Sohu will broadcast entertainment will broadcast " align=" middle" > November: American fall boom faded epic crown < > Sohu will broadcast entertainment news (Dakota_TF) fall has finally faded, in November the number of new drama is not much, but it is difficult for each type are involved, at present the quality is good. Drama, the "house of cards" and "super eight", Netflix, another blockbuster, tells the story of Elizabeth II of the legendary life drama "crown" will roll out the picture; comedy, "fourth earth" is not only directly over the pilot link, also contains alien elements attractive, popularity and the category is worth looking forward to; funny wind "war demons" tells the sheriff, sheriff and former incumbent Sheriff kill the devil story; more by "Downton Abbey" in the "Miss" Michel – Kerrii starring crime category "a good difference", once love "Downton" buddies in "big cousin" Dan Stevens (Dan Stevens) starring the marvel series "FX group" (Legion) next year before launch, the first look at the "big miss" How to breakthrough the interpretation of a deception thief, is also a good choice. "Fourth types of people": aliens to kidnap the earth? "Fourth types of Comedy" (People of Earth): aliens to kidnap the earth? Launch date: November 1st TV: TBS set number: unknown type: Comedy sci-fi suspense starring Michael – Cassidy (Michael Cassidy), Drew Nelson (Drew Nelson), Wayne (Wyatt Cenac), shinnik Yaroslavl – Anna Gasteyer (Ana Gasteyer), Oscar (Oscar Nuñ EZ Adams noune), Alice Waite Rand (Alice Wetterlund) aspect: skip the pilot link, TBS direct booking this sci-fi comedy series "fourth earth", and to determine the time in the United States October 31st Halloween premiere. The play by the former "the daily show" (The Daily Show) reporter Wayne produced and starred at shinnik Yaroslavl, involved in the production and talk show host Conan – Obrien (Conan O’Brien), the famous comedian Geoff Roos (Jeff Ross), actor Larry Sullivan (Larry Sullivan), producer Dan Haas Dade (Dan Halsted) and director Greg – Daniels (Greg Daniels) (representative of "the office" and "parks and recreation"). The play by the rookie screenwriter David – Jenkins (David Jenkins) production and writing. The master of the play…相关的主题文章: