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Obama shouted: African American voters choose Hilary is insulting me Obama China daily on 18 September, local time on the evening of September 17th, US President Obama in the United States Congress not delivered a passionate speech of the American League dinner. This is the last time Obama as president of the African American community to participate in this event, he passed to the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton at a dinner party, "legacy", declared that if voters go to the polls but did not support Hilary, he will be regarded as the political heritage of the "personal insult". According to the CNN (CNN) reported that the speech began, Obama came to take the so-called "birthplace" controversial jokes, jokes "birthplace" event ended really made him feel relieved, ushered in another spring". According to the U.S. Constitution, presidential candidates must be born at the time of citizenship. Since 2008, there has been a controversy over Obama’s birthplace, and this year’s Republican presidential candidate, Mr Donald, has repeatedly questioned whether Mr was born in the United States, or whether he was born in the United States or not, and that he was born in the United States on. 16 this month, Trump finally admitted for the first time, Obama was born in the United states. However, Obama is still the focus of the speech the day canvassing for Hilary. CNN said, less than two months on the occasion of the November 8th United States presidential election, Obama in his speech, dished out by far the most sharp words to attack Trump, and issued a strong appeal, calling on African American community support Hilary. "I will take this as a personal insult, a political legacy for my shame, if the African American population down alert, do not actively participate in the election, Obama issued a call to the African American voters," do you want to say goodbye to me? Then go to the polls." In his speech, Obama harshly attacked Trump, the New York real estate tycoon denounced the "civil rights and equality of the opponents", referring to the "in his life, most of the time not considered for the working people". Obama reminded the African compatriots do not be fooled by the Trump campaign canvassing efforts, he said: "we are indeed facing challenges, but we’re not stupid." Hilary also attended the dinner, and the first in the history of the United States won the major party presidential nomination women’s identity was awarded the pioneer award". Although not specifically mentioned rival Trump, but she reminded all the upcoming presidential election in the United States is a key choice. This is related to who will be forgotten, who will fight group investment, for our children who will support you forever in the White House. We need ideas, not insults, and a practical plan to help struggling Americans in a forgotten community, not prejudice and fear." Hilary said, "we can’t leave the legacy of President Obama to those who are not aware of this, and those who spread dangerous and divisive ideas that drag the country back." The Seattle times pointed out that in the Democratic primaries, African Americans are Hilary’s most loyal supporters 7相关的主题文章: