Okinawa sea whale – bring you unforgettable memories

after November, water cooled, Okinawa sea diving projects have been stopped, as Okinawa’s tourist season, this time also may wish to come to Okinawa, but few visitors to their streams of people busily coming and going, more of a quiet mind.


starts from the end of December to early April, the Okinawa sea has become lively, yes, is to look at whale!

can see whale type: humpback whale (aka humpback whale), humpback whales "humpback" the name derived from the Japanese "humpback", meaning "Pipa", refers to the shape of the whale back. For the tropical warm sea of cetaceans. The body is short and wide, generally up to 13 ~ 15 meters. Humpback whale body length 15m, weight 30 tons, in a high-speed cruise to see a whale, you can feel the 100% wild boldness.

every summer, humpback whales in the Aleutian Islands islands in summer, in winter, a beautiful flavor can swim back to the Naha City West of about 40Km between islands offshore predation. This is a period of zamami island off the coast of humpback whales appear trace season, whale watching the upcoming season. After entering the peak season, held every day from the island of Okinawa and Kerama island and sailed out to observe the whale eco whale watching trip. The flying spray, hull feel vibrations, and whale together feeling, will become your unforgettable experience.

(whale jet, floating on the surface of the air exhaled breath, when the sun may be able to reflect the rainbow when the water spray)

(this is the behavior of whale’s jump in the waves, jumping to make the body about 2/3 out of the water, and at the same time the rotation of the body movements, popular

Because whale

are natural creatures, are not always so lucky to see their shadow, which makes each time the sea whale watching is an experience of the one and only.

whale is generally divided into morning or afternoon half day trip, Naha Un Hotel En Ville (starting to transport more convenient, recommended to choose while living in Naha to participate in the trip), chatan also live on their own to set point. The whale watching season, the domestic scene can also make an appointment in advance or appointment, but often can not be arranged as an appointment full, so that in the appointment of good again more secure.

Some common problems about the whale watching


1, because it is divided into the afternoon to participate in the trip, to see the probability will not be the same?

answer: the probability is the same, in the morning need to get up early, I hope a little easier to arrange the trip in the afternoon.

2, rain will affect travel?

no, but if because of the big waves lead to the sea, the trip will be cancelled and rescheduled can choose to go there again.

How to do

3, seasick?


can advance to eat seasickness medicine;