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In the wind "father and mother" on the creation of [Abstract] "through the years of the river" with his mother and father returned to his hometown of Chongqing, father was partner is the reader, praise the sound of sea tide like waves back. Yang Chun was born in 70s in Xinjiang, Aletai, Xinjiang Writers Association, Karamay literature and art industry youth backbone. Published novels, essays, travel and other works in the "flowers" "Chinese writer" "Lotus" "western" "Hunan literature" "Shandong literature" etc.. Published in Gobi long prose "courtyard", prose anthology "lotus bloom" "I grew up in Xinjiang". In the wind "father and mother" is the predecessor of the father’s memoir "through the years of the river", the record of father family background, hard childhood, family misfortune, setbacks in life, love story, work experience into the draft memoirs in 2010. One night in March 2010, I hid in the study on the Internet, his father knocked at the door, sitting on the sofa opposite the desk, hesitate to say what, I poured a cup of tea, pushed to his father, and then looked at him. My father didn’t end tea, both hands rub, a pair of people and unspeakable, it reminds me of many years ago, I did something wrong to admit the father: then the father sitting on the high square table, and I stand on the opposite side, low head, silent Luigi Nono. I’m waiting for my father to speak. The father said, "I think I want to tell you something about the past……" "In the past?" I don’t understand。 "I’ve been through a lot of things in my life. I want to write them down." Father said. "Good! Write it!" I love my father speak to me like that, he can discuss things put me as adults, not fond of the little girl. "I was dazzled, many things to think of it, but not written." My father looked at me, eyes full of smile. "What do you mean? I help you write?" I was surprised, but I feel it is not reliable. For my father, I know little, my boy left home to study, adult and parents in Chongqing and I live together. "Yes, you write for me!" Father said firmly: "I have seen some of the things you write, I think you are stronger than me." "Really? I write?" I still hesitate. "These days, I tried to write something." My father ignored my hesitation and handed me a book with the correct writing on it. That night, my father began to read the text, immediately be moved inside story, although some sentences lied, although many words with words or even Pinyin, or father will bring me his time. The second day, I began to father’s text into the computer, just a simple and faithful entry, I have to adapt to the father’s narrative, after all, this is his life, I’m just a record. Father’s narrative style is very simple, take the time as a clue, the occurrence and development of the following events, heisuke form, which wrote which think of some things, only half written, some written characters and verbose. Looking at his father’s difficult, I said: "Dad, or, you say, I write." From that day, my study is always bright light late, my father and I keep a posture, speak slowly the father sat on the sofa, I sat in front of the computer to listen. A strange life, a hungry childhood, a bad boy….相关的主题文章: