Only one step to the paradise of Boracay, really Fei can not play it

do not want to spend the winter, tired of heavy, they flew to the tropical island of swimming…

cold fog cold weather and the twelfth lunar month, always follow. Every day wrapped in big jacket week want to fly to the tropical island of swimming, diving, play sand, the waves…… A sunny beach holiday.

in the island, you can enjoy the eternal summer, breathing no haze of air. Can always have fresh fruits and seafood, tired of stepping on the white sand. You can walk in the quiet seaside village, soothe the slumbering mind.

today, we are going to introduce you to an island in the Boracay in Philippines, where Fish Leong’s wedding. Here is a fine sand, blue sea, warm sunshine, dotted with bars. In this romantic place, full of love.


each year from November to next year in February,

Boracay temperature maintained at 25-28 degrees C,

warm and dry climate,

is the most comfortable season of the year.


sea water for a long day of the Boracay,

here is known as

"the world’s finest Beach" white beach;

there was also known as

"one of the seven beautiful beaches in the world".

Condé Nast Traveler reader selection in 2016

The best

award to the island of Boracay

Condé Nast Traveler described Boracay as

"a tropical island in Southeast Asia, with a gentle coastline and a beautiful sunset,"


fine soft sand, blue sea, warm sunshine…… Philippines Boracay has all the elements of demand for tropical islands. Clean and pure blue Boracay, the entire island is only 7 kilometers long, but there is a long white sand beach of up to 4 km.


Boracay beach resorts, restaurants, bars and tourist facilities with exciting water activities, nightlife, cheap exotic delicacy, with visitors from around the world here to spend a leisure holiday.


teach you play a map of Boracay


Boracay is roughly divided into 5 zones;