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Open up the European battlefield! The acquisition of Rome PK Milan Hengda exposure Chinese Sohu to open up the European battlefield sports clubs! The acquisition of Rome PK Chinese Milan Hengda exposure group in Beijing time on September 24th, Italy media reported that "Laroma 24", Guangzhou Hengda is trying to buy Rome, open up a new battlefield in sports field. It is necessary to point out that, prior to this, there are two Chinese consortium completed the acquisition of Milan clubs, Suning 270 million euros for the international Milan close to 70% of the shares, China EU sports for 740 million euros bought AC a 99.93% stake in Milan; it also means that the big four in Serie A, will have three to become Chinese consortium the team will be staged, the flavor of the "China capital derby". Italy grand media introduced Guangzhou Hengda, said the consortium is China owned property the amount of more than and 2 of the real estate enterprises, the country has more than 170 projects, the core business is real estate, but in recent years involving energy, insurance and food and other fields; Xu Jiayin is the founder of the Guangzhou Hengda Group and the current chairman of the group, is Chinese second billionaires, more than $1 billion of his personal wealth, with the electricity supplier giant Alibaba boss Ma, has a close relationship with two joint investment of Guangzhou Hengda club Taobao, is the most powerful Super League team. Since 2011, Ma Xu Jiayin and investment team won five consecutive Super League champions, also includes a FA Cup champion, two Chinese Super Cup and two Champions AFC Champions League. Guangzhou Hengda Taobao is the super stadium Manchester City, with other teams simply can’t afford to buy the card, in 2011, the Argentina midfielder to pay up to 26 million euros a year. It is worth mentioning that, who led the Italy won the world cup champion Lippi, in 2011 to 2014 years in charge of Guangzhou Hengda Taobao, help China team for the first time won the championship in Guangzhou, AFC Champions League; investment Hengda also won the national championship volleyball. In recent years, China consortium buying spree of European football club, in addition to Italian football, England wolves and Aston Villa, Si Brown Vecchi, the Spanish team and La Liga Granada are China, the capital’s team; in addition, Atletico 20% shares to Chinese Wanda Group boss Wang Jianlin all. So, if the acquisition of Guangzhou Hengda Rome, is not surprising; but on the former Rome President Pallotta said in an interview, the club will not change, will only seek cooperation; but all the people don’t forget, the original Milan International President Thohir is saying that will only seek cooperation, not to sell the club, but in the end, Suning becomes the first major shareholders east. If the Guangzhou Hengda win in Rome, so the biggest thing is Hengda and Suning contest, the 2016 Chinese football team two rush is the main theme: the beginning of the China Super Cup, Guangzhou Evergrande 2-0 victory over Jiangsu Suning cup; now the super stadium, in the remaining five rounds, two teams ranking the first and second champion will be produced in the two teams; the FA Cup game, both teams have reached the final. (nineteen)相关的主题文章: