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Overtime do not give money beauty fast food giant is ten thousand employees to court the U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 30 days the famous Mexico style fast food shop Chipotle got into big trouble, nearly 10 thousand employees and former employees will tell them on the court, accused the company of fraud on the pay issue on their own. According to CNN reports, these employees said, Chipotle let them continue to work after work hours, but do not pay overtime. It is said that Chipotle in the United States, all the chain stores are such wage theft problem. This has "Turner v.Chipotle" in the name of the United States known to all collective lawsuit, the plaintiff pointed out: "in accordance with the requirements of Chipotle hours may pay the restaurant staff in time after the punch, but they still have to work, to obtain permission to leave." The case named from a Colorado state former manager of Chipotle (Leah Turner), the latter Turner claimed that she had to work without pay and are forced to, inform the boss, she must let his people do the same thing, in order to ensure the company budget goals. Chipotle strongly denied wrongdoing, saying the other side of the allegations untenable. They said they owed their employees every penny. Alexander (Briana Alexander) is one of the plaintiffs, who had worked for Chipotle in Miami for about a year in the fall of 2013. "Behind the scenes, Chipotle wasn’t always that way." She said in an interview with CNN, "I can say that I worked overtime." Alexander said she had been forced to stay in the shop after work. That is in accordance with the provisions of the staff work at 0:30 at midnight or, if there is no work done, will be required to work at the clock time, but did not get a penny of compensation. She said that he had had 12 hours a day, on time to play cards, but because of the busy business and had to stay, continue to work experience. Chipotle has faced similar lawsuits, but so many of the plaintiff because of salary theft and an enterprise, which is epoch-making in the history of the United States. As of last Friday, there are 9961 former employees and employees of the company to participate in the proceedings. Williams Law Firm lawyer Williams (Kent Williams) on behalf of the plaintiff, he said, these people come from the Chipotle there are business in every state. "Chipotle argues that only a handful of unruly managers violate company policies. However, in my opinion, taking into account the number of plaintiffs, this should obviously be a systemic problem Chipotle." Ricardo (Felipe Ricard Wei相关的主题文章: