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"Panda romance" take you up knowledge hero Guardian won the praise of Sohu   entertainment; Sohu internship daddy Chen Xiang entertainment news on Friday night, Beijing satellite TV, a large public documentary "panda romance" second bloom on schedule. Four groups of student nanny nanny are concentrated in Chinese giant panda protection and Research Center in Wolong base, respectively "adopt" their own "children", and in the professional breeder under the guidance of learning the skills to take care of the daily life of giant panda. The use of "class" time into the wild pandas in the world. They also witnessed the touching story between the hero and the guardians of the giant panda, which reveals the real feelings and keepers consistent from beginning to end selfless giving, let the audience deep emotion, praised tribute to guard these full of love and a sense of responsibility. Rose: knowledge of pandas eat is very slightly "the consequences will be grievous"! Look at the two Beijing TV "panda romance", the understanding of the giant panda is only limited in the shape of the lovely face, stay adorable audience, in their daily life also have a general understanding of "flying". Take the practice of nanny nanny "adopted" one year old giant panda, they not only every day to drink the flavor of the timing and quantitative pots of milk, and the milk also proportionally and formula of modulation, does not allow any omissions and negligence. Therefore, when the "fun" practice because Daddy nanny is not in the afternoon feeding time on time when keepers really get angry! The sentence "what you’re doing here, let’s practice be long in coming daddy nanny who regrets, also let the audience worried and anxious:" Daddy nanny who practice next time, don’t come back late, otherwise the consequences will be grievous! The keeper of the giant panda and responsible for work of obedience, worth learning for all!" In addition to taking care of the giant panda’s stomach, daddy nanny who need to learn the practice of daily life daily cleaning treasure house. Especially in picking up feces in the link, it is necessary to overcome the head of the "choking smell", and a little bit of feces off, carefully observe whether the abnormal excretion. Such "child and child heart", let the audience in front of the TV as general are personally on the scene, and watching the show followed "to cover the nose, very sympathetic to their dad nurse practice. In that the excretion of body health and the condition of reaction of giant panda day, we began to accept the job, not only to practice their dad nurse gradually adapt, netizens also with encouraging tone loudspeaker: "in black and white they healthy mothers milk, daddy gas!" An earthquake let him stay alone for two years "hero Guardian" won the audience like a stick like the Beijing satellite TV "panda romance", in the first time after the Wenchuan earthquake rescue 61 pandas "hero Guardian" Mou Shijie appeared in "Cao Yang hoped a group before looking for the secret". After more than two years alone left behind Mou Shijie, with a pair of giant pandas love in "cat to empty" base has been quietly waiting, cleaning pens, cleaning up the weeds, as a national treasure "home" the moment to prepare. July 2010, due to the earthquake blocked panda returned to Wolong.相关的主题文章: