Participate in the investigation of the 2016 Wuhan home improvement market Tucao you encounter those

In 2016 Wuhan Jiezhuang market consumer survey Tucao you meet those pits [large] into a Home Furnishing Chu introduction decoration like the deep sea, from the wallet is passers-by. Chinese report hall released "2015-2020 Home Furnishing Jiezhuang industry market competitiveness survey and investment outlook report" shows that in 2015, the decoration industry labor costs rose about 30% to 50%, wood and wire, pipe and other auxiliary hardware prices rose about 20%. According to this calculation, an area of 100 square meters of the house, this year’s decoration prices are expected to rise from last year’s $15 thousand to $20 thousand. Hundreds of thousands of yuan for the renovation of ordinary people is not a small number, each of the owners more desire, but are often counterproductive — "building shoddy perpetrating" and "process," Jerry "bursts," plus the money price scamping pull material"…… Which is difficult to decorate the pit. Today, the Tencent involved in the big Chu "2016 Wuhan Jiezhuang market consumer survey", Tucao you meet those pits, let unscrupulous businessmen nowhere to hide, let more people avoid deception! You will also have access to genuine QQ Tencent or Tencent Wangsen Chu doll Department of environmental protection bag a oh! (click on the following link immediately involved in) I want to participate in the "2016" "Wuhan Jiezhuang market Jiezhuang consumer survey more advice, please pay attention to welfare [Chu Home Furnishing (hbqqjj)] WeChat service, Tencent Chu network WeChat matrix: Hubei’s largest mobile terminal matrix system, comprehensive coverage of 17 cities in Hubei, covering news, marriage, real estate, Home Furnishing, health, fashion, WeChat nearly 3 million subscribers. Search attention: the big Chu Chu Yichang (dachuwang) (hbqqyc) (dachued) in Chu Chu Chu Xiaogan (dachuxiaogan) Shiyan (dachusy) Jingmen (dachujingmen) Chu Chu Chu Jingzhou (hbqqjz) Huanggang (dachuhg) Chu Enshi (enshitengchu) Chu Xiantao (dachuxiantao)相关的主题文章: