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PCGS unveiled at the Beijing Expo money: modern currency notes at any time on the chief of news Beijing on November 2nd news, with the arrival of November, the coin activities have gradually enriched, the 2016 Beijing International Coin Expo will be held on November 4th, while in Beijing the 2016 autumn auction also entered the final preparations, in the meantime, as one of the world’s leading coin rating agencies, PCGS will also hold a variety of activities in November, in order to better service for coin collectors. Prior to the PCGS mission of the United States to enter the ranks of Shanghai, for modern currency and banknotes to provide full time rating services. During November 4-6, the 2016 Beijing International Coin Expo, PCGS Chinese partners – Shanghai spring rating business services limited, will be unveiled at the A204 booth, in addition to the related consulting services, will be ready to provide modern collectors coins and banknotes to send assessment service. In the money fair after the end of the 2016 Chinese mainland autumn auction is also coming up, because of the good cooperation with PCGS of Beijing Cheng Xuan auction, PCGS official said, during the shoot in Beijing Cheng Xuan special stamps and coins fall 2016, as well as provide modern coins and paper money collectors send assessment services, in time for the November 2016 11-15. Located at the Hotel Kunlun. However, it is worth noting that, during the two activities of the judges should be submitted in person to submit, PCGS does not accept mail. In February 2017, PCGS will hold a new round of Shanghai site rating activities, then, collectors can submit by mail or in person the way to the official PCGS send assessment center or the authorized dealers submit coins, modern coins and paper bills. Send comments: 1, sent to Shanghai springs on Business Services Limited, Tel: 021-53865659, address: Shanghai City Road 600 B building 3 floor B313 room 2, sent to the PCGS Guangzhou Evaluation Center – Guang temple, Tel: 020-81376082, address: Guangzhou city Zhongshan Road four No. 199 East Ming Xuan (the third floor kyg) 3, wide contact PCGS national authorized dealer: Dealers. The coin to assessment information please visit Submit notes to send assessment information please visit banknotes submit PCGS restore service to send comments please visit Restoration on PCGS: PCGS by the professional numismatists who was founded in 1986, now Shanghai, Hongkong, Paris and the United States have opened the office. PCGS has identified more than 33 million coins, with a total market capitalization of more than $29 billion. For more information about PCGS China, please visit, call PCGS Shanghai Office Tel 021-64672926 or email to info@PCGS. Disclaimer: Chief Collector’s website (Shouxi) exclusive manuscript, all rights reserved, please indicate the source. (|shouxi Jack)相关的主题文章: