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People on both sides of the Haicang total "LOHAS" anti typhoon story "warm city" – Beijing, Beijing, Xiamen, October 23, (Chen Yuelin Yi Ping) 2016 Cross Strait (Xiamen) live music festival 22 evening opening in Xiamen haicang. The opening ceremony, from all areas of people on both sides share LOHAS experience, compatriots on both sides during the "Meranti" typhoon hand anti typhoon "warm city" story, especially moving, highlights this year live music festival "on both sides of a pro? To build new homes" theme. LOHAS Festival has been focused on the interaction between the two sides of the grassroots, highlighting cross-strait youth culture, life, work exchanges. On the day of the opening ceremony of the festival will invite four people on both sides of the common light fun tree, start LOHAS festival. The four grassroots are Gulangyu Islet Piano Museum donor Huang Yulian, to Haicang entrepreneurial Taiwan young designers Cang Pei, vice president of the Taiwan Chinese books to learn Yan Jianzhong and Haicang local young sculptor Wang Luying. Guests on both sides of the joint lit live tree. Zheng Weiming taken to Xiamen but one year Cang Pei told reporters, Xiamen Haicang business, in addition to a happy, healthy, happy, but also experience the life style of the fashion. She especially for people in Haicang after Typhoon "Meranti" "love life", the rapid reconstruction of Haicang praise. The opening ceremony is also rich in cross-strait elements, there are many artists to participate in both sides of the show. The local culture and cross cultural origins in the live music festival is particularly prominent in the opening ceremony, not only from both sides of the North Island, Party group, Huanggang, Wu Huaichen and other famous poets came to the scene to participate in art, interpretation of common type as well as the opening of cross-strait cultural performances, and Chinese characters both sides of the famous poet Shu Ting and Zheng Chouyu’s poems. "Round and round" as the protagonist of the children’s dance "round and round". Photo by Zheng Weiming at the opening ceremony also invited the typhoon "Meranti", in the line to participate in disaster relief on both sides of the volunteer representatives and together tell the story in the "warm city" on behalf of Taiwan xiamen. Attended the opening ceremony of the quanguotailian vice president Yang Yi Zhou interviewed told reporters, as the Xiamen disaster relief to victory, compatriots on both sides of unity, concerted efforts, to win, to a happy life; also, as long as the two sides of ordinary people living together, happy unite together, to overcome the disaster. He looked forward to cross-strait exchanges and more people, integration, compatriots on both sides to live a happy life. The live music festival by the 1 opening ceremony and "Leshan", "happy", "music and art", "music" of the 4 major themes of the 28 sub sector activities, especially retained the cross-strait tea cup, the public Chinese characters Festival, festival, international women’s golf tournament, "Yongqing Cup" on both sides of the three road running activities, cross-strait volunteer "and other influential and participation of the brand activities. 2016 the opening ceremony of the music festival on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to show Chinese culture with the book rhyme. Photo by Zheng Weiming of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, vice chairman of the National Youth Federation Feng Hongchang Chen Qiuxiong, municipal committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Lin Wensheng, municipal government party members, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Director, Taichung mayor Meng Qian, Yuan palace chairman Lai will also moderate)相关的主题文章: