People who walk more than 7 thousand and 500 kilometers to pick up garbage, do not litter this littl



is also used to measure the earth feet,

these two young handsome guys,

is like a sedan chair one after

carrying a mattress in shreds and patches,

through the mountain, through the primeval forest,

also did not forget to shoot Zhang Zhaofa on ins.

are they going to camp?

the mattress is too dirty!

mattress is not what,

they saw a naughty plastic bag

slipped to the steep edge of the grass,

regardless of the abyss below,

carefully hand in hand, hook it up:

"buddy, hold on,

or we’ll all fall,

to collect garbage glorious sacrifice."

thirty or forty degrees high temperature,

There are few fresh water around


, they’re all going to faint,

is still carrying more than and 40 pounds of garbage and equipment

continues to load:

"you have to face it, or you’ll die of thirst."


Months and years pass by. brave the wind and dew travel over land and water.

, the hungry mouth parched and tongue scorched is commonplace,

food reserves are often far apart,

carries a lot of garbage, the energy consumption is huge,

they can only rely on indomitable will support

until arriving at camp,

can eat nuts, butter, energy bars and nutrition powder to eat.

why the two handsome guy ran to the barren hills

to pick up the garbage, put yourself to the collapse of the collapse?

two American kids,

is a cult, one is Paul,

are outdoor sports enthusiasts,

also served as om Lake Superior kayak guide.

the mattress,

they picked it up in the wild.

walk all the way,

they will pick up all the rubbish on the ground,

beer bottles, cigarette butts, toys……

walked with them,

until he meets a regular garbage collection station,

just put it down.

but this sparsely populated;