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Performance management pilot China tax reform "sprint" — Finance — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yang Di) reporter from National School of Administration government performance evaluation center to interview to understand, recently on the third party to carry out the national tax system of performance management assessment. The assessment that the party since eighteen, the tax system on tax modernization construction strategic target, design of scientific performance management system, implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council Tax on the major decision-making and deployment work full coverage, to complete the task of tax reform played an important role, tax performance management work in a leading position in the country. Is a successful example of the implementation of performance management of central government institutions. According to National School of Administration government performance evaluation center director Professor Liu Xutao, the evaluation group to general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, to carry out independent network questionnaire survey, expert forum, focus on comprehensive evaluation research, and other means of assessment. The evaluation group for the national tax system of cadres open answer, the tax authorities at all levels a total of 135 thousand and 400 people submitted a valid questionnaire, the evaluation group after careful research and analysis, the formation of the "tax system in the performance management of third party evaluation report". The tax system of nearly 800 thousand people, accounting for the country’s top 1/10 civil servants, the establishment of the General Administration, provincial, municipal and County Bureau, sub Bureau of the five institutions, grassroots units of the more than 20 thousand." Professor Qi Fanhua of Renmin University of China School of public administration, the State Administration of Taxation to establish and carry out "system of the national tax system performance management measures" and the evaluation index system, so that every tax staff have clear functions and performance indicators, to prevent the reform pressure conduction layers decrease, to promote the tax reform measures implemented, also the tax system of cadre status changed significantly. Executive vice president and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of management Gao Xiaoping told reporters that the assessment of the situation from the research point of view, the tax system earnestly implement the overall deployment of deepening fiscal reform. The majority of tax cadres and experts hold a positive attitude towards the tax system to carry out the overall performance management, performance management has the characteristics of high work propulsion, vertical linkage, closed loop operation, self renewing, to achieve the strategic goals and tasks focus on effective integration. Reporters learned that the performance management efforts to promote the tax system since the highlight of the hard task, set the hard targets, the development of hard measures". This year, the national tax authorities to seize the "open good ticket" "good news" analysis of tax "good" especially on "all industry tax burden is not only reduced growth of the objectives of the reform, the implementation of special evaluation system, promote the common good comprehensively replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot work; need full coverage of this year to complete the task of reforming the evaluation the implementation of" deep tax, local tax reform program ", the reform tasks in an orderly way; on the implementation of Small and micro businesses such as preferential tax policies not only to" prepare test ", and" registered supervision ", only test policy is put in place and whether a thorough analysis of the effect of policies, to further open up the policy implementation of the first mile" and the "last mile", to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. In the course of the investigation, "the impact of the performance management on the tax system相关的主题文章: