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Personal praise, enterprise recognized "cross post challenge" 51job first season ending a successful China first WeChat workplace experience reality show —   eight hours post challenge across   (first quarter) in Shanghai in July 22, 2016 of a successful ending. Premiered in June 16, 2016, eight hours post challenge cross lasted a month, L’OREAL Shanghai, Hongqiao has a joint China yuan Hilton, Shanghai Starbucks, Sephora, Shanghai star provides cosmetics digital marketing, hotel Chief Concierge, coffee store manager, makeup artist, car maintenance consultant five or customer service, or fresh stimulation or fun to work, 16 original articles and 9 video programs, the cumulative amount of more than 660 thousand online reading, five post challenge program points like accumulated nearly more than 6000 times, Shanghai popular, fashion life and other large V have forwarded. Participating companies have said that the eight hours of cross challenge makes the audience better understanding of different groups of occupations and employers. Qianchengwuyou (NASDAQ:JOBS) China as the largest human resources service provider, to provide services every year hundreds of thousands of employer recruitment and personnel training. Based on the "difficult job" and "difficult to find people" the situation has become increasingly prominent, with the new occupation and job market emerged, a lot of people who do not understand the contents of the job related occupation, at the same time, more and more people hope more occupation experience. As Shanghai Hongqiao yuan Hilton HR said "a lot of customers to see more is a tall Hotel, glamorous side, and this challenge will span eight Hotel front-line staff do not work like a daily show in front of the audience, to know their daily will encounter every kind of sudden situation." 8 hours post challenge across to the nine to five career break set a career life style, experience is not the same job functions, work environment, occupation Master knowledge, experience the fun of work and challenges, various emergency situations to deal with the new work, found themselves potential occupation ability. "This is not just an attempt to cross the experience, perhaps the beginning of a different life." Qianchengwuyou said, hoping to encourage people in the workplace have the courage to change and innovation, find their own occupation charm. L’OREAL China won the most popular corporate awards, cosmetics digital marketing experience most popular. Worry about the future "about the future" (NASDAQ:JOBS) is a professional human resources services, the largest in a variety of media resources. It is a collection of traditional media, network media and advanced information technology, coupled with an experienced team of professional consultants, including recruitment, training and evaluation of personnel outsourcing and a full range of professional human resources services, now the 25 national city with service agencies. In September 2004, qianchengwuyou became the first US listed China human resources services company, is the most influential China human resources service provider.相关的主题文章: