Pink flowers and a large number of Kingsoft free stampede last year red burst network clazziquai

Pink flowers and a large number of Kingsoft free stampede last year red burst network newspaper news (reporter Wang Hongmei) due to the dry weather and other reasons, Zinfandel muhly than last year growth this year; and a pink field of golden hill has been a lot of stampede – reporters recently learned that last year the red burst network Zinfandel muhly flowers in Jinshan area the free opening this year suffered a double damage". Last year, the emergence of the red fields in Jinshan popular network. This year, I heard a Jinshan romantic pink flowers open free of charge, the public Miss Zhou recently excitedly to visit, did not expect immediate Zinfandel muhly xixishushu, there are a lot of reel right and left. Reporters recently come to this piece is located in Lu Xiang fruit Park Zinfandel muhly grass planting area of the scene, saw the Zinfandel muhly cement road is divided into two regions, about half of them grow more lush pink flowers, looks like a cloud of romance. Unfortunately, in the lush, although there are trails, or about 30% obviously stepped. Nearby villagers said that more people to come over the weekend, there are some people seeking to take pictures, random walk into chaos. In the vicinity of the Songjiang University City 60 acres of the Zinfandel muhly, escaped the stampede. The display area of a single person in charge said that from last year by a large number of free stampede lessons, this year the "flowers admission", can go to visit. Can spend money to buy seedlings to visit, is really like." "According to Mr. introduction, the two basic block is currently the city to see a large area of pink flowers all the other places have grown but not the size of.相关的主题文章: