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Travel-and-Leisure Known as the jewel of East Africa, Kenya is home to, among countless other treasures, the so-called Big Five of wildlife: the lion; the buffalo; the leopard; the elephant; and the rhinoceros. To be lucky enough to catch a sight of any of these magnificent beasts in the wild is truly awe-inspiring. And dont forget the rest of its unparalleled array of incredible safari experiences; from the pink sea of Flamingos at Lake Nakuru, to the rather scarier crocodiles of Lake Turkana (dont get too close!), with cheetahs, zebras, and herds of wildebeest along the way. Yet this is also country with wide range of and need for volunteer work: Kenya has more to offer than safaris. The scenery, as anyone who has visited this amazing country will tell you, is truly spectacular. From vast lakes and arid planes to some of Africas most breath taking mountain areas; from dense cloud forests to the most idyllic beaches and reefs; from the beautiful and aromatic coffee and tea plantations to the incredible Great Rift Valley, which cuts across Africa. So, regardless of whether or not one wishes to go there for volunteer work, Kenya has so much to offer any visitor from any walk of life. Kenyans are famously warm people who, aside from visitors, will readily wel.e any chance they get to put their feet up or have a dance and a party. Kenya is also a very multi-cultural nation; it is said that there are some forty-two different ethnic groups there. Home to indigenous Swahilis, Bantus, Cushites, as well as several other pastoral tribal peoples, Kenya is a cultural melting pot. There also remains an Indian presence from immigration under British colonial rule, at which time the Country was called British East Africa by the colonisers. Amongst the seventy or so tribal peoples are the world-famous Masai Mara. Its two largest cities are its capital Nairobi, with a population of just under three million, and Mombasa, which is home to around seven hundred thousand Kenyans. But despite its assets in spectacular natural beauty, and its thriving tourist trade, which is the one of the countrys major sources of in.e, it is still a poor country, in terms of life expectancy, literacy levels and overall gross domestic product. A large contingent of Kenyans live below the poverty line, or struggle to find jobs. Many factors have contributed to this situation, although Kenyas economic situation cannot be attributed to a simple list of causes, as much as to a .plex mix of cultural, political and historical realities. A significant factor, however, is that in recent years Kenya has been a particularly corrupt country at the level of government, which has had a limiting effect on the hard work of reformers and charity workers. Worse, aid money has been withheld from Kenya as a result. Since a new government was formed in 2007, hopes have risen that relations with aid .anisations will improved, should Kenya be able to demonstrate a reduction in corruption. But regardless of whether or not this happens, charities will continue to operate in the country through volunteer work. Kenya needs these charities because, when aid is cut off, or corruption intercepts it before it reaches its target, it is always the Kenyans who suffer. Schools cannot afford basic equipment, and hospitals lack what is needed to ease the suffering of those living with AIDS or to treat Malaria. With its many, and widespread opportunities for volunteer work, Kenya offers the low-budget traveller a way to experience all of these things in this magnificent country, while at the same time managing to give something back to Kenyans, and to really meet the people of Kenya. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: