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Policy is now turning point in the property market will cool down? Expert: a steady pressure second-line live three line since September 30th to October 7th, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Ji’nan, Wuxi, Hefei, Wuhan, Nanjing, Nanning, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Xiamen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Fuzhou, Huizhou and other places to restart the purchase credit limit. High temperature of the property market, and finally to cool it? Long throw a pot of water: "immediate"? Beijing North Fifth Ring in a hot area of real estate agency stores, brokers Sun Qiang said, Beijing eight has been poured into the market a pot of cold water. Throughout September, more and more customers, there are buy and sell, up to 10 days a day with the customer to see the house. Three days before the National Day holiday with only two customers." The traditional "golden nine silver ten" of the property market, the seven day holiday lost to three days off is a foregone conclusion. Reporters combed found throughout the country during the introduction of the property market regulation and control policies, although there are similarities and differences, but the core content is limited to the purchase of loans: – purchase. In the current round of the introduction of the new deal in the control of a dozen cities, basically involves the resumption or expansion of the purchase, which Hefei, Nanjing restriction policy is more stringent, the largest administrative scope involved in Suzhou. Credit limit. Many of the regulatory policy review, common policy to improve the two suites down to 40% or 50%. Among them, the greater the intensity of Suzhou, not only third sets of ban on loans, two suites down payment (loans not settled) also increased to 80%, Beijing is further expanded the scope of the establishment of the two suites. Hangzhou housing security and the Housing Authority statistics show that during the long holiday, Hangzhou City, a total of 942 sets of second-hand housing contract. Although the transaction fiery, but by the introduction of the impact of the introduction of the property market regulation and control measures, grab room foreign investment significantly reduced. In Tianjin, from the "I love my family" during the second quarter of the national real estate transaction volume, compared with the same period in September decreased by 50%. Customers, non – customers affected by the purchase of a greater impact, demand is expected to decrease by 20% – $30%. Owners, the price of the impulse has been a certain inhibition. Insiders pointed out that through the purchase of part of the city, can suppress the non rational buyers groups, especially some cross regional investment buyers and multi suite buyers; through the credit limit, can restrict some non groups just need funding. At the same time, most cities began to actively expand the supply of land, to a certain extent, stabilize market expectations. Sellers, intermediaries, buyers: who is watching? Holiday property market is also likely to be affected by the impact of travel. The next step is to adjust the sales strategy and price, not to say, depending on the market reaction. Buyers wait and see, we are waiting." Beijing, Fengtai District, a housing project sales staff Zhang introduced. The reporter visited the Beijing Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Fengtai intermediary stores, with the introduction of the new policy Mentingruoshi compared to these agencies although there is no rest, but deserted lot. During the national day, the "I love my home" reached a new contract quantity, the new source volume, the amount of new housing, with a look at the amount of new data fell across the board, the market was cooling. Hangzhou transparent House Research Institute rectangular Zhang believes that the National Day golden week is not a working day, the number of transactions is limited reference significance. Hangzhou had already introduced the relevant regulatory measures, to a certain extent limited相关的主题文章: