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Prohibit copying: Chinese painting materials and techniques of exhibition Wen 515031 ink technique is to learn, ink art is teachable but not the ink is not to teach surgery can not only sense of learning. In Germany and Europe for learning and life for over ten years, the artist and teacher Huang Huasan and Gao Yi couples, learning and creation of contemporary art in Europe, have the essence of Contemporary Art: art can do what, but also can not do. The teaching practice of contemporary Chinese painting can only start from the artist’s own individual experience. If there is a teaching method called, it is true that students, from the individual root. When we see the poster exhibition of nearly forty of cultivated for more than and 10 years in the teaching of students, we see the teaching results, an artist with different features, but for the ink but has a different understanding, this is a unique attitude: "save"! What is meant by another? This is a text information technology era, finishing, in the existing text on the amendment to another text format alone preserved, there is a text to become independent with the juxtaposition of text, a sense of each other in the context refers to the mutual text, a derivative, to continue for another, the proliferation of text it is different from the one constantly stimulate supplement, variation in source text at the beginning. This is the text effect and meaning of "save". The "save III" is to show the ten years generated by the text of the sample and some of the possibility to be verified. Through the "save" and "save I II" argument and development, Renmin University of China Art Institute of cross media studio more clearly the purpose and direction of the Chinese teaching and practice. Save, maybe that is a little bit of difference and difference, from the traditional or existing ink form outside a small step, but it goes to the outside. Therefore, it also means more than one complex experience, through the existing attitudes and methods, the new ink into another style, another expression, another language, another visual experience. Moreover, the innumerable "other" and "one" form the only contemporary painting experience that touches upon the tradition or the existing ink form. These images are different from the traditional ink and wash patterns in the exhibition site, but the breath is close to the Chinese style. For teaching, Huang Hua Gao Yi three, two teachers and students is to relax, emancipate the mind, do not need to learn technology and the teacher is not only the existing schema, not teaching demonstration, even a more strict command: "prohibit copying"! For a few years the basic art education of the students, after mastering the sketch, color, ink and other basic tools and materials related, is not a simple hands-on technical problem, but a difficult experience of artistic expression, and is one of the future of art imagination test. Change the general "copying sketchingand creation" Chinese painting teaching methods for teachers and students to change study student work oriented learning, find the problems and deficiencies. Although seemingly without direction, but gradually, hemagogue相关的主题文章: