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UnCategorized Many of us struggle every day to do what we think is demanded of us – and there are still a group of people who feel that .pared to their work schedule, there are not enough hours in a day. That takes a toll physically, mentally and economically and chronic stress can lead to an increase in blood pressure and stress hormones and perhaps can even be the cause of a heart disease. If you feel that you have absolutely lost control over your day to day routine, do not throw out tantrums or be upset or go around with a dull face! You can always learn to survive the daily grind. Let us discuss about some ways to help you do it and survive. Be prepared Start your morning with a list of the things you need to do. That day – keep the list manageable and devote more time to ac.plishing the tasks than to waste the time by thinking the time you will need for each job. Always reserve enough breathing room to handle emergencies. Every thing will lie in a scattered manner and all your efforts will be a farce if you try to do too many things at a single go. In such a case nothing will actually be .pleted. By finishing tasks one at a time you will attain a level of self satisfaction of reaching your day’s goal slowly but steadily. This very thought will increase your productivity magically. Never try to be too perfect! A perfectionist, in any field, finds it difficult to do things quietly. Doing each and every thing perfectly requires a lot of thinking, time as well as energy. Perfectionist cannot bring themselves to do it; they can never distinguish between what’s important and what’s not important. In short, they are unable to prioritize their work. Know when to say ‘NO’ and always be straight forward and clear in saying so. If we always remain too busy, then we may not get around the important things to be done, which will give us our genuine satisfaction. Never hesitate to ask for help: It is a very .mon human psychology. Many of us are often afraid to seek help, because we feel it signals our lack of ability to manage affairs. But it is the facts that both by asking for and also by offering for help we strengthen our personal relations and lighten our loads. Take time out: Be considerate to yourself. No matter how much busy you may remain. If your pattern is to focus on the golden eggs, and neglect the goose very soon you will land up producing no golden eggs at all. So it is very mush essential to eat healthy and nutritious food and get enough sleep to keep yourself productive and active. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: