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Pu Cunxin’s father: Su min played very well by good teaching stage without regret – Sohu culture channel Su min a person cultivating self-discipline this has been difficult, not to mention a son, virtuous students world, Su min is such a person. Beijing people’s famous artist and educator China table director, chairman of the association Pu Cunxin’s father Su min, at 4 am yesterday at home and died at the age of 90. Su Min who not only has a scholar artist teachers of the wind, more sincere wish for Gao Jie on the Xianru gas, not only has a poem, righteousness and life experience of the rich, more meteorological and breeze as boundless as the sea and sky in his mind, "Li Bai" in a chant, let people down sour gas, such as a gentleman. The role of Teachers — actor Director Su Min Pu Si formerly Xun, Jiangsu province Nanjing city Lishui District Zhetang Town Creek Village, his father moved to beijing. As a representative of the early gold art generation, Su min from the last century in 40s has been committed to the progress of drama movement, for many years in the theater’s stage has played a "Thunderstorm" in Zhou Ping, "Cai Wenji" in recent weeks, "Homer sometimes nods" in Gloucester muff, "bile the sword" in his role. A director of the "Homer sometimes nods", "Li Bai", "Cai Wenji", "" God’s favored one etc. The unique and Pu Cunxin’s father story in the drama stage, except the father of derivations play complex layout of "Cai Wenji", the original historical drama "Li Bai" the two together and become more drama scholar play classic. In addition, the role of inheritance of two people also called legend, "Thunderstorm" in Zhou Ping is an example, in addition to the stage, two people also worked in the film and television works together played the part of Lu Xun. Beijing people’s art film center has experienced three years taken to complete fifteen sets total large film biography "450 minutes of the actor, director, teacher — it is Su Min", which shows the role of. Professor of performing for nearly sixty years, so far, all the students and the art class play art class teaching, the students have left both character being Su min traces, he has trained Han Shanxu, Xiu Zongdi, Song Dandan, Guanhua Liang, Feng Yuanzheng, Xu Fan, He Bing, Hu Jun, Ban Wang and other generations of people’s Art Theater pillar. In his old age he is still involved in enrollment and teaching in the drama art class, personally took the exam, personal demonstration lines, transmission performance, the understanding of life. Teaching — "to my life in a cup" Wang Ji still remember himself as art class students, Su min teacher’s words, "to my life in a cup", whether it is home theater or unconditional return to the stage, she will sue the teacher’s words as people in full of bitter or sweet. From a detail can be seen though for the elderly, but Su min give the younger generation huge performance imagination. He was in the double row of "Cai Wenji", and Xu Fan, Mrs. Cai Wenji the opening line whether to follow the logic of life, and in the rehearsal dispute to compete, but not the slightest displeasure, and that the dispute should be better. In 2002, a station called "years long song" the essence of drama staged in the people’s Liberation Army opera, at that time, Su min not only served as a director, but also personally on stage, and wrote in the show — Jun相关的主题文章: