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Qu Changchun served as the nine disc cold index: Liverpool wins high heat song Changchun disc index hit 1 on the hot nine note, hope this period continue to a 55 note, the best. The nine difficulty is not small, some next week to participate in the UEFA Champions League, one point should be vigilant, if not pay attention to anti cold, I will surprise. Wolfsburg is not open after coaching, and, on the road and lost, back to the home court, should be based on the score, Leverkusen two line of battle, the situation is grim, the field will fully out? Bayern and Augsburg had a fierce battle, the battles, also need to consider the battle with PSV Eindhoven home court next week, can not play, so this field Bayern need to guard against the retention force of components. Here are a few sub plate hot and cold index, we hope to help. West Brom – Manchester the ball ball half 95% main negative unbeaten 5% Crystal Palace – Liverpool the half main negative 7% Augsburg – Bayern 93% unbeaten the ball half ball 95% into 5% main negative Dortmund – Schalke 04 a ball on disc 95% and the number of footwall 5% more recommended according to the WeChat public, please pay attention to music teacher and headlines (No. Qu Changchun said the lottery)相关的主题文章: