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[quote] Chinese lottery winning color 16129 Ren nine: Turin strive for victory 01 Fenhai Huo VS Leipzig teams showed big differences in the German Cup, Leipzig Red Bull out early, obviously want to make good league. His index is about 2.51, need to focus on prevention of draw. Recommendation: 3104 Cagliari VS Rome Cagliari and Rome won the first round defeat, victory. The guest index is about 1.91, while in Rome week to distract the champions, but still hope to win. Recommendation: 005 Croteau VS Genoa Kroto Hei in the first round away Champions League, Genoa is the home court victory. His index is about 3.60, the newly promoted Mark Roto Hei more optimistic about. Recommendation: 3106 Turin BOLONI VS Turin on wheel away defeat to AC Milan, Bologna home court victory. His index is about 1.76, the Red Bull is expected to usher in the first win. Recommendation: 307 samp VS Atlanta Sampdoria round away a 1-0 victory over Empoli, Atlanta in gongzhan in defeat to Lazio. His index is about 2.11, the home team unbeaten pattern should be. Recommendation: 3108 Udine VS league teams Empoli lost all but Udine J, the road to Rome, the results should be normal. His index is about 2.09, about Udine J. Recommendation: 311 Alawite VS Gijon Alves round draw away upset horse athletic Gijon beat Bilbao home court found index is about 2.13, beware of the overheating. Recommendation: 3012 laspada VS Graner Lars Palmas round away win over Valencia, Granada is at Villarreal. His index is about 2.02, is more bullish on the home team. Recommended: 314 David Villa VS Seville Villarreal involved in coaching turmoil, the league and the Champions League qualifying performance is not good. The draw index is about 3.34, the two teams have a chance to win. Recommended: 30 (Pan Jiayuan)相关的主题文章: