Read a book about life and death at Kunlun

Read a book about life and death at the Kunlun pass

Budongquan high altitude, walk a little faster will be out of control, high back, we were up early in the morning, brown sugar water to drink rhodiola. Today, I plan to go to Kunlun ", which is said to be a dangerous area of the Qinghai Tibet highway, where the road before the sacrifice of many soldiers.

crossing the river

with Boiled Egg, rode North Road and State Road, train nebeneinander in this period, and from the railway train less frequently, speed looks is not high, may be the only operation soon, is still running in stage!

This section of the railway

Budongquan the viaduct, the book says there are nearly 3 kilometers, hit the road bridge is the world’s longest train.

primary protection animal

did not go far, met the oncoming Lanzhou military military convoy, a car came a green North Benz truck, each car seat sat 2 soldiers on the front with a brother, like heroic utterance protect our homes and defend our country. The team is compactly arranged in a long queue, full 2 kilometers.

this situation go very dangerous on the road, the road repair was narrow, just hold two trucks the width of the back of the car over to the team is not possible, if the exchange car on the road, we like this third car is dangerous, the best way is in the road he stopped, they walk past.


in an unbroken line of "nofollow " > mountain pulse are relatively flat white
mountain head, its towering image in Golmud there must be more spectacular. The road is a low slope, without much effort, spent more than an hour to ride 21 kilometers to Kunlun
"nofollow" > mountain pass, here is 4767 meters above sea level, is not much high not frozen spring up from the north, the tourist car will stop here because the South photography. It is called the Qinghai Tibet plateau.


on both sides of the road stood a lot of stone, marking the National Geological Park, the Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve, there are a group of martyrs tombstone, of which the most prominent one is poaching gangs fight and sacrifice environmental protection guard, Jiesang Suonandajie ·. Cocoa before Xilibufa poaching was rampant, uncle Jassan organized the protection of wild animal armed forces in 1994 and poachers killed in a rush, his deeds.