” read and write civilization ” the era of parents encounter ” electronic civilizatio zibba

" reading and writing civilization " the era of the parents suffered " electronic civilization " the era of the recent Home Feng Feng family every day to go through a snatch war. On the primary school grade five daughter came home from school holding a cell phone: check information, video chat with students, communication operations…… But Mr. Feng saw his daughter holding a mobile phone in my mind flashed the "Internet addiction" and "determination" of "fraud" and "yellow web" "myopia" and other words, each word represents a possible injury to her daughter. So, Mr. Feng always from time to time to search the phone away, and soon, the daughter will be for some reason the phone to come back. One night to and fro several times, happy family atmosphere disappeared. I believe Mr. Feng staged this scene is not uncommon in modern families. Our parents are basically reading and writing civilization, that is, the era of paper civilization come out." Not long ago, set up in the education research center of Capital Normal University held on the same day the family of family education beyond the individual experience of the forum, Beijing Normal University professor Zheng Xinrong explained this phenomenon, parents is the electronic age "immigrants", and parents in the eyes of bear children are growing up in the electronic age, the electronic age is aboriginal. Growing up in two completely different times, how could there be no conflict? Contradiction is inevitable, more people feel confused is that the path to solve this contradiction is completely unclear. After all, the whole society has just come from a long reading and writing civilization, how to survive in the electronic age is not only placed in front of their parents, but also placed in front of experts and all the subjects. However, education can not wait, especially family education, in recent years, various educational theories have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of family education, it plays a decisive role in the process of children’s growth. Therefore, many experts at the forum each one airs his own views trying to find a breakthrough. Changes brought about by the unrest so that parents are more anxious, in fact, every day staged in various corners of the battle similar to Mr. Feng’s home, just a representation. Behind the changes in the social life of the entire social change, this change will inevitably affect the social cells – the family, and the impact of far-reaching. Our usual life is very quiet, but, as long as the daughter came back every day there will always be a stranger to express delivery." Famous education experts Sun Yunxiao said. Along with this change is the change of family function and family nature". Professor Zheng Xinrong explained from a sociological point of view. Everyone in the family has a small screen, which not only has endless information, but also can solve a lot of things that can only be done in the family, such as eating. In the past, eating is the best time for a family. Now, everyone in the family can be a separate screen to establish contact with the outside world, "the wife can not come back, the husband can also takeout" original children need mother totter toddlers, now has professional and specialized institutions can provide such services, the change of social life makes the weakening of family functions at the same time, the adult society is to bring more opportunities and risks, a lot of people suddenly have a new occupation, a lot of people suddenly lost"相关的主题文章: