Real shot India’s largest city, Mumbai, the robbers were rich and poor world rare

, India’s largest city, Mumbai is a city of immigrants was completely occupied by the city, people have different backgrounds, business elite and grassroots groups, there are movie stars and robbery in the mob, the southernmost city of downtown India near the door is full of India, enjoy the comfortable wrist star exceedingly wealthy men living place.

in the northern part of the city, a sprawling slum and a homeless man on the side of the road show the real and cruel side of Mumbai. Fortunately, even beggars can find their own place, because there is a rule in Mumbai: if the same place in the street for a few weeks of sleep, the land belongs to you.

India before the implementation of the caste system, black children of low caste not qualified to go to school, only to pick up trash begging for a living, now the India government abolished the caste system, the government even the university regulations must retain a certain enrollment for the poor, giving them a chance to change the fate of.

Mumbai university has trained all walks of life in India famous people, Sancho Gandhi and Dr. Ke also graduated from the school, the school beauty clouds declined to visit.

although the India government has taken measures to assist, there are still many poor children can’t afford to go to school, but as long as anyone can find proficiency in a particular line, the chances of survival in Mumbai.

Mumbai has a population of at least 100 thousand of sex workers, resulting in widespread spread of AIDS in the region and the country. Kama Tip La is a place where sexual service is provided to the lower classes, and vice and life are sealed in the dark streets.

in recent years, Mumbai public security situation deteriorated, in the broad daylight robbery occurred when driving.

women shopping must be wary of the side of the suspicious suspicious molecules.

beauty are also aware of the danger turned decisively to go back, but the robbers brother is easy to find the high quality of the bag with the brand name customers will easily let go.